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If there is one thing that has continually annoyed me throughout the decade I’ve been covering the Oscar race it’s people who pretend to know more than they actually do. So a lot of huffing and puffing over at the Huffington Post about that Avatar screening. “It wasn’t how I saw it,” crows Robert J. […]

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Via IndieWire, where the criteria are helpfully outlined: ‚Äúaccomplishments of considerable merit; influences with either a positive or negative impression; trends, either new or re-emerging; anniversaries or memorials of special note; and/or movements in new technologies, education, preservation, government or other areas that impact the art film, television and digital media.‚Äù Like TIME’s annual Person […]

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Some of you who saw Sherlock Holmes over the weekend might agree with me that the teaser for Inception was the best 80 seconds on screen all evening. A grainy French copy made a brief appearance last week before it was expunged from the net. Thanks to Kevin for tipping purists to the official QuickTime […]

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And it has all come down to this. All of the movies, all of the reviews, the box office, the buzz, the publicity, the debates — the ballots will sail into homes in the next few days. Some of them will know what movies they liked best and tick them off. Some of them will […]

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This has been making the rounds but it is kind of funny. By the time it gets to me it’s usually already gone viral, but anyway, here you go.

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Two commenters got 100% for what I was looking for. Jeff and Brandon W. However, I must note that with some of these, it could be open to interpretation. The reason I put them in the comments sections is that I think how people figure out the answers is as interesting. Maybe it’s more fun […]

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That’s the title of Richard Corliss’ piece in TIME, and I can’t improve on it, except to add, “As if.” December is that most wonderful time of the year, when Santa perches all the little boy and girl critics on his knee and warmly whispers, “You matter.” All the other months, we’re dog food. But […]

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Interesting to see The Hurt Locker not only making an appearance on nearly every year-end Top 10 — but on many Best of the Decade lists as well. Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post Finding Nemo (2003) You Can Count on Me (2000) The Lives of Others (2006) The Hurt Locker (2009) Y Tu Mam√° Tambi√©n […]

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Here are a few questions to warm the cockles and keep us frosty. You know, in January the fury begins anew. 1. Titanic was tops at the box office for an unbelievable 17 15 weeks. By this time it had made upwards of $500 million. What film finally dethroned it? 2. This director won four […]

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Avatar edged out Sherlock Holmes and took the Christmas box office. While The Blind Side is a film that both sides of the political aisle, right and left, are seeing in droves. Righties have decided that, despite Avatar’s being a Fox release, they’re going on the attack. Clearly Frank DiMartini over at Big Hollywood hasn’t […]

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Huffington Post’s Michael B. Laskoff highlights Up and Avatar and the Capitalist perspective: As the year and the decade draw to a close, I find myself in a strangely optimistic mood. True, there are many reasons for pessimism — war, global warming, a so-so health care bill, a potentially nuclear Iran, huge unemployment, etc. But […]

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Fellini biographer Charlotte Chandler writes of Nine: Rob Marshall has given us the definitive homage to Fellini, always in the spirit of the great Italian director yet never imitating him. I think that Fellini would have been especially pleased by Nine because it is not a re-make of 8¬Ω, but a true homage, which stands […]

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Thanks to our pal, Ziyad for making this: (click to supersize) Isn’t it pretty? The numbers to pay attention to are the BFCA and the IMDb. Metacritic is too hard-lined for anything except “what the critics think.” The critics are part of the whole, but not all of it. Conversely, Rotten Tomatoes is too inclusive […]

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Over the holidays I often check the muggle pulse beat by throwing down some movies with my family. My mother, in particular, can be counted upon to be a good indicator of a screener’s success or failure. For instance, she loved but was slightly disturbed by The Departed. At the end she said what everyone […]

The State of the Race


Two big movies hit the Oscar race this week. Ridley Scott’s wildly entertaining crowdpleaser, The Martian and Steven Spielberg’s contemplative, cerebral Bridge of Spies. Both films celebrate the goodness in ...


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The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out tonight and proved HBO total dominance of the current television landscape, wining TV Movie for Bessie, Limited Series for Olive Kitteridge, Comedy ...
Project Greenlight


House Of Cards



Awards Daily TV’s Joey Moser thinks it’s criminal that Orange is the New Black is only nominated for 4 Emmys. Did everyone think that everyone else was going to nominate ...



Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback



The trailer for Hail, Caesar is here. The Coen Brothers comedy takes place in Old Hollywood and stars Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes and Jonah Hill. The ...



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Indeed, we’ll have to tamp down our growing excitement for this one. The filmmaking around it is so revolutionary simply because it is trying to do things the way they ...

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