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Oscar bits and bites

Gravity's tops the box office for the third consecutive week. What was that thing about women not being able to open movies? Seems to me we have a solid with Sandra Bullock.  12 Years a Slave also did very well in limited release. What…

Frozen Already a Phenom with my 15 Year-old

Last year it was Cloud Atlas that had entranced by 15 year-old daughter. Now it's Disney's Frozen, which she caught at a sneak screening a week or so ago. Her Facebook indicates she would be a great publicist for Disney.  

London Film Festival: 12 Years a Slave

I saw Steve McQueen’s Hunger on opening weekend in 2008. The UK was one of the very first countries to see his debut feature, and the Belfast screening was packed, of course. It was the best film I saw that year. A little over two years…

Oscar Podcast Preview – 1996

The weeks are flying by as we comb through Oscar's past. This weekend we'll be diving in 1996, not a great year overall for film. To me it's known as the Fargo year, though the big winner was The English Patient, which entered the race…