The State of the Race: This Year’s Oscar Race Could be Most Watched in Decade

With the potential for 2015’s Best Picture nominees to include the likes of The Martian, Creed, Mad Max, Bridge of Spies, Inside Out, Joy, Black Mass alongside niche films that ...

Jennifer Lawrence, Joy and the Best Actress Race [Poll!]

Although Joy is under embargo for formal reviews, several people have already written about Lawrence and the film in terms of the Oscar race. The first thing to remember is ...
The Martian 5

Acting Moments of the Year – Part Two

Finding the single best moment in Bill Pohlad’s Love & Mercy is impossible as you have two actors playing the same person. Then there’s Elizabeth Banks. Add Paul Giamatti and ...

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Gold Derby got the chance to ask Mr. Gervais whether he’d host the Oscars or not:

On the one hand I would be incredibly flattered and whatever you think of those sort of things, it would be a thrill and an honor to be asked,” Gervais said. “On the other hand I doubt the job offer would come without some strings attached. The worst string being, handing in my credentials as a comedian in favor of a family entertainer. We have to be able to poke fun at society without favoring any part of it because we are beholden to someone. And it’s a fine line between feeling like you’ve sold your soul and feeling like you’re ruining someone’s party. it would be very temping though, I must admit.”

Well, they could barely handle Seth MacFarlane.   The Globes maybe want a real comedians but the Oscars really don’t. They want someone to usher audiences through a “respectful ceremony” and maybe a joke here or there that doesn’t REALLY cross the line. Bob Hope, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, etc. I still think Ellen Degeneres is the perfect combination of funny and respectful.  Me, I prefer those with an edge, like David Letterman, Steve Martin, Chris Rock and Jon Stewart, along those lines.

So far, no word on how they’ll go this year. Since their aim last year was to try to lure the target demo, namely young males, or perhaps young people overall, they might go in that direction again. After all, ratings were up (and I don’t think you can attribute all of that to Jennifer Lawrence).

Here are a few options:

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (except they did the Globes already and it would look like sloppy seconds)
Ben Stiller and Will Ferrell
Jimmy Fallon
Seth Rogan
Steve Martin and Tina Fey (did they do one already?  It’s all a blur)
Stephen Colbert (a long time coming)
Betty White (she’s practically a meme)
Melissa McCarthy (and/or Kristen Wiig)
Louis CK (He would never do it)
Bill Maher (probably wouldn’t do it)
Sarah Silverman
Eddie Murphy (might as well give it another shot)
Julia Louis Dreyfuss

But you readers can probably do a lot better than I can. Who should host Oscars 2013?

Trivia: did you know that for the 1977 Oscars the hosts were: Warren Beatty, Ellen Burstyn, Jane Fonda,Richard Pryor?


Thanks once again to ONTD.

From USA Today:

“They keep pulling me back in,” Pfeiffer says of her role in the Luc Besson-directed film The Family (out Sept. 20). “There’s something about that world that fascinates me.”

She’s in very good company. Pfeiffer plays a longtime mob wife alongside Robert De Niro, the actor who has played mobsters in everything fromThe Godfather: Part II to Goodfellas and Analyze This.

Besson compared notes with Tonino Benacquista, who wrote the novel Malavita from which the screenplay is taken, before casting the movie.

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I would have preferred this tagline, “back then there was only one way for a black man to get into the White House.”

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It was the year Kramer vs. Kramer went head to head with Breaking Away, Apocalypse Now, All that Jazz and Norma Rae. A great year indeed and the last as we exit, sadly, the 1970s.

We welcome my old friend Michael who used to be my boss at Main Street Video in Santa Monica back in the 1980s.




Thanks to Jon for the heads up, a first look over at Slashfilm at Michael Keaton starring in Alejando González Iñárritu’s Birdman. The pic is a meta take on the actor who once played Birdman and is now hoping to revive the character on Broadway. In these pics, he’s being followed by his fictional masked character. This is one of the first films to really address head-on the last two decades of super hero movies – interchangeable, recyclable and an endless profit font for Hollywood.

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The State of the Race


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With the potential for 2015’s Best Picture nominees to include the likes of The Martian, Creed, Mad Max, Bridge of Spies, Inside Out, Joy, Black Mass alongside niche films that ...

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Something hit me while watching Creed, and in ruminating on the upcoming Star Wars movie. They’re bringing back 1970s nostalgia to remind us what movies once were. In thinking about ...

88th Academy Awards

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.18.03 AM

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Once again, these will be narrowed down to five. A Pixar entry here, along with a legendary animator Richard Williams. “Bear Story (Historia De Un Oso),” Gabriel Osorio, director, and ...
Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.15.08 AM

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From this list, five will be chosen. Once again, it’s an international affair – with one (I think), maybe two films from American filmmakers. There is a disconnect between the ...
Amy Schumer (left), Cate Blanchett (center) and Tom Hooper at the 2015 Governors Awards in The Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center® in Hollywood, CA, on Saturday, November 14, 2015.


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