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Doc it Out’s Agnes Varnum on Alex Gibney’s Gonzo: The Life & Times of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: The first few minutes looked very cartoony with some wierd After Effects experiments, and I was thinking that I was in big trouble if the whole movie was going to be like that. In some sense, it […]

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AJ Schnack reports on how the LAFF went down: Darius Marder’s LOOT, a study at parallel searches for buried treasure and the healing of past wounds, took the top Jury Prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival Saturday, along with the $50K prize sponsored by Target. The film was a world premiere at LAFF. Marder […]

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There is no denying Wall-E is an event. This, for so many reasons both large and small. I was trying to figure out what irritating me most about Stephanie Zacharek’s review of the film (since Ryan is on vacation and all), and I think it’s that she commits an unpardonable sin for any film critic: […]

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(Slight spoiler warning) With no limits to their creative freedom, the animators of WALL‚Ä¢E let their imaginations run rampant in developing appropriately resonant forms for their primary characters. Next to the eclectic hodgepodge of spare parts and miscellaneous mechanical contraptions that give WALL‚Ä¢E his pastiche panache, EVE’s svelte silhouette appears deceptively simple. For me she […]

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One thing I absolutely loved about Wall-E was how capable and tough Eve was. This was no typical modern love interest who kicks ass just to make hotter but when it comes down to it she must be rescued by the male — Eve is a true hero and proves that, in Pixar’s world at […]

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Kris Tapley over at Incontention makes the bold prediction that Heath Ledger may be in line not for a supporting nod but for lead. I am a pessimist by nature and thus, my reaction to this is supporting, yes, lead, no. This is an extremely competitive category. And it has been, in recent years, overcrowded, […]

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Poor Ann Curry is the latest victim to James McAvoy’s charms. She reveals her true intentions in this clip, and barely manages to hold it together throughout the rest of the interview. All I can say to you, Oscar watchers, full disclosure, is that I once turned down a phoner with McAvoy because of how […]

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Question: have the Oscars lost their relevance? Does it even mean anything to win an Oscar anymore? That’s my big question. What’s yours?

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WALL‚Ä¢E comes from a distinguished acting family. The similarity was noted by many others, months ago, but it’s cool to see the Robot Barrymores side by side. Not to detract from WALL‚Ä¢E in the least. He’s his own man. In fact I think it’s a really sweet nod to his forefather. hey, if Marion Cotillard […]

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Someone gave me the tip-off to this a while back but I kind of disregarded it. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe it, it was more that it was too early to be talking about it. And now it is big news. Why? Because it’s a Drudge Page One. Drudge links to this blog post […]

By | | 33 Comments points us to the Vulture’s top eight best Pixar movies and I have to agree with Kottke that this list is so wrong – but especially their number one choice. Seriously. They count it down it like this: 1. Monster’s Inc 2. Finding Nemo 3. Toy Story 2 4. Ratatouille 5. Toy Story 6. […]

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[youtube][/youtube] If this isn’t Viggo Mortensen’s year then I don’t know whose year it is, well, unless it’s Wall-E’s. Thanks to reader Jo for giving me the heads up to this Oscartastic trailer of the divine Mr. Mortensen in Good. Pic is adapted from a famous play by C.P. Taylor that: …examines the life of […]

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[youtube][/youtube] Kris Tapley at In Contention posts this impromptu promo Letterman gave The Dark Knight two nights ago (gratis and sans guest, no less). Kris helpfully extracts the money quote for us: Heath Ledger‚Ķoh my God is he great in this one‚ĶI‚Äôm telling you, this is a tremendous performance. That‚Äôs the reason people ought to […]

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Filmmakers hanging their highest hopes on winning an Academy Award know it’s the dream scenario guaranteed to boost box-office with a post-Oscar bump worth millions, right?¬† …um, not always. Not when the distributor is caught up short and unprepared to capitalize on this chance of a lifetime opportunity. The New York Times has the disheartening […]

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Apparently, the Emmy committee folks have released the finalists for the main categories (thanks to the ever-efficient ONTD for the info). It is unprecedented, yes, but THAT surprising? Not really. Boston Legal, there’s a shocker! Grey’s Anatomy, no way! Desperate Housewives was shut out. Looks like my own favorite comedy, The New Adventures of Old […]

The State of the Race


Two big movies hit the Oscar race this week. Ridley Scott’s wildly entertaining crowdpleaser, The Martian and Steven Spielberg’s contemplative, cerebral Bridge of Spies. Both films celebrate the goodness in ...


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The 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were handed out tonight and proved HBO total dominance of the current television landscape, wining TV Movie for Bessie, Limited Series for Olive Kitteridge, Comedy ...
Project Greenlight


House Of Cards



Awards Daily TV’s Joey Moser thinks it’s criminal that Orange is the New Black is only nominated for 4 Emmys. Did everyone think that everyone else was going to nominate ...



Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback



Just when I was sitting here wishing we could see more movies like Sicario, John Hillcoat rolls up. A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a ...


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There is buzz about Creed that’s being kept on the downlow. If it really is as good as some people are saying there’s a tiny chance it could crack the ...
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