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BAFTA Preview and Predictions

This Sunday, the British Academy will have their say as to what will win. Predicting the BAFTAS is always a tricky thing to do because they genuinely can be unpredictable. Making them even more unpredictable is that their voting practices…

2015 SAG Awards acceptance speeches

I tell you true, one of the saddest things to me every night there's a major awards event is when we have avid readers on the site trying to find a way to watch but coming up empty-handed. All the interest and enthusiasm of our AD friends…

SAG Predictions by Contest Entries

How are AwardsDaily readers doing so far for their predictions for our contest? It's pretty much going as expected all the way down the line: Birdman Michael Keaton, Birdman Julianne Moore, Still Alice Patricia Arquette, Boyhood JK…