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Beautiful New Dunkirk Trailer

Christopher Nolan gives us a bit more teasing of Dunkirk, which looks just gorgeous. I can't measure my excitement for this - it's off the charts. Part of it is a general fascination with World War II, part of it is a fascination with the…

Teaser for Nolan’s Dunkirk

Thanks to Erik for the Twitter link. Dunkirk opens next year with Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. Pic is described as "Allied soldiers from Belgium, Britain and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in…

New poster for Interstellar Drops

The official US one sheet poster for Interstellar has been revealed. The poster prominently features Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey in a spacesuit. The film is about a group of space travellers who uncover a wormhole and stars…