Geoffrey Rush

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[note]Two supportive coaches, boxing & voxing. A comprehensive guest analysis by Pierre de Plume weighing the Oscar chances of Geoffrey Rush and Christian Bale in the light of SAG precedent and other significant signals.[/note] This Year’s Oscar Race for Supporting ...
kings speech 34

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Artwork for The King’s Speech seems at last to be finding the proper voice. The Spanish design after the cut might be my favorite so far. As spotlessly formal as an official State Portrait, it benefits from being beautifully lit ...

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The Film Experience’s Nathaniel Rogers has prompted me to start giving some thought to the supporting categories. They feel blown out at the moment. Nat built this chart, and wrote a must-read post, to illustrate how supporting actors often get ...

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Great men are often propped up by those behind the scenes. Usually they aren’t give much credit until many years later, when their stories are looked at more closely. Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech is about such a man – ...

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