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84 Years of Best Picture Winners

Hat tip, ROS The list, after the cut.  Most are "pretty good" but what you notice about them is that they are, surprise surprise, actor driven. They are about people audiences care about and can relate to.  How visionary they are,…

2011: The Cinescape

thanks to Twitter pal, Zack Holtz (@zacomer) (video after the cut, since we're trying to reduce traffic strain on the home page)

The Art of the Long Take

Jim Emerson has collected a nifty package of some of the best long takes: Deep Focus from Jim Emerson on Vimeo. For this compilation, "Deep Focus," I've chosen eight shots I treasure (the last two I regard as among the finest in all…

The Oscar Trailer

This was sent to me by dmbosstone on Twitter - and though I really hate and protest the use of the word "retard" anywhere and for any reason, I did laugh hard a few times. My favorite line comes near the end and has to do with the movie…

2009 “Cinescape” Retrospective

Feels almost like Christmas morning, doesn't it? Before we unstuff the BAFTA stocking, here's a rewinding, roller-coasting, time-killing look back at some highlights of 2009. Another montage after the cut, with a more upbeat mood and…