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Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz in New Clip for Denial

Here is a clip showing one of three incarnation by Rachel Weisz. Here, she is apparently doing an American accent - maybe Brooklyn? Weisz has had one of those years where she's been appearing in multiple roles showcasing her range. As the…

Rachel Weisz to play Jackie Kennedy?

EW's Hollywood Insider says Darren Aronofsky plans to direct Rachel Weisz as Jackie Kennedy. Noah Oppenheim's screenplay "catalogs the four days between JFK‚Äôs assassination and his burial, showing the beloved Jackie at both her most…

Agora, character banners

Nice stormy Agora character banners. I like that this is getting the full-court marketing treatment reflects the epic flourish of the film. Two more after the cut, (And, as always, you can click on these compact shots to supersize…

Agora Trailer

Thanks to Javier for tipping us off to the Spanish language version:

Agora premieres in Cannes

Thanks to Jesus Alonso for reminding us to check the news. First, some background from the AP: As the Roman Empire declines, Hypatia struggles to preserve scientific knowledge amid the clash of zealots in Alexandria, whose rising…

Agora photos

From D* we have a few new photos from Alejandro Amen√°bar's Agora, via Teaser trailer and four more photos after the cut.

Two posters for The Brothers Bloom

The poster above was created by director Rian Johnson's cousin, Zach. I like how the embellishments and oval vignettes look like hand-drawn currency. After the cut find the official poster created by a marketing committee. Guess…