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Telluride Film Festival

Telluride Diary: And So It Begins

Los Angeles is baking under a relentless sun, air conditioners stressed to capacity, its citizens hidden away watching the tragedies unfold in Texas and New Orleans, and I have never wanted more to disappear into the lush Shangri-La of the…

Top Five Films I Missed at Telluride

It's impossible to see everything over the short four-day Labor Day weekend. Especially so if you're trying to write in the meantime. I envy those who don't. The patrons purchase their badges and enjoy whatever films they can fit into their…

Telluride Diary: In the Big Muddy

Rain, wind and cold enveloped the splendid valley of Telluride as the film festival came alive for patrons and press. Occasional showers usually keep the sunny village in green but a full-blown storm was unexpected. Out came the umbrellas…