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The Tree of Life gets UK release, July 8

After months of false promises and discouraging legal snarls, it now seems that The Tree of Life will reach theaters in the UK on July 8. "We knew this was an amazing film from the moment we saw it," Gilula and Utley said. Pohlad added:…

Cannes 2011 review: The Tree of Life

Some films aren‚Äôt designed to be watched and absorbed in two hours. They need repeated viewings over the years; they beg for their audience to grow along with them, their meaning evolving over time. Stanley Kubrick‚Äôs 2001 is one of…

New German poster for The Tree of Life

A more traditional poster for The Tree of Life stirs ripples across generations by invoking another Brad Pitt movie about fathers and sons: A River Runs Through It. (full-size after the cut) Brief samples from Alexandre Desplat's score…

The Tree of Life, interactive website

(view larger) For several weeks, day by day, Fox Searchlight has been slowly doling out images from The Tree of Life on a tumblr site mysteriously called "two ways through life". Today we get signposts to those two paths ("the father's…

New images from Tree of Life

Fox Searchlight feeds our gnawing hunger for anything related to Tree of Life. See these stills in higher resolution at 3 more after the cut.