Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

(Thanks to Tero!)

The trades rave The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Variety: …Clearly rejuvenated by his collaboration with producer Peter Jackson, and blessed with a smart script and the best craftsmanship money can buy, Spielberg has fashioned a whiz-bang ...

Empire’s 4-star review raves “Spielberg has brought a boy’s heart, an artist’s guile, and a movie-lover’s wit” to Tintin: From the Nouvelle Vague flourish of the opening credits, featuring Tintin in silhouette dashing past giant typewriters and former foes, recalling ...

The Adventures of Tintin from James Curran on Vimeo. Tintin had his London premiere a few hours ago. Duncan Jones (Moon) says: So! Tintin. You know my worry from the trailer about the uncanny valley? Im full of shit. Works ...

Hot on the heels of the one from a couple of days ago. (Thanks, Tero.)

(thanks, Tero!)

full-size after the cut and high res at IMPAwards

Tintin and Snowy… and lens flare. (from Animatie via ThePlaylist)

p Look for the first teaser trailer tomorrow. Full-sized views of both international and US poster, after the cut.

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