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Zero Dark Thirty

Oscar bits and bites

Leon Panetta, portrayed by James Gandolfini in Zero Dark Thirty, talks about the film and says he thinks it was an accurate portrayal of those events. Though he wasn't around for the interrogations he knows that the way they ultimately…

Mark Boal Addresses Torture Issue in The Wrap

Steve Pond talked exclusively to Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow about the issue of whether Zero Dark Thirty advocates torture, as in, torture was used and torture worked.  But in so doing, he kind of denies that the film makes a very…

The State of the Race: By Three

Oscar ballots are going out to 5,856 in the Academy.  Those ballots are then due back by January 3rd, the same day the Producers Guild announce their top ten for 2012.  We are down to the thick of it, and believe it or not, a…