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How well do you know the 2016 Emmy nominations? Take this quiz and find out. We'll post the answers later this week!

1. Veep has the most comedy nominations in 2016, with 17, but what comedy holds the record for most nominations in a single awards year?
2. Jon Hamm taught high school drama to this first-time 2016 nominee.
3. In its first eligible year, this television comedy had zero nominations at the Emmys (even if it went on to win more than one Emmy).
4. Which of the following shows has NOT been submitted in more than one genre (comedy, drama)?
5. Many shows received the exact same number of nominations this year as they did last year. Which one of the following didn’t?
6. In an Awards Daily TV review of this Emmy-nominated show (which received its first nomination this year), Joey Moser wrote: “Perhaps the show will wiggle into a more likable, funny direction.” What show was Joey talking about?
7. In an Awards Daily TV review of this Emmy-nominated show (which received its first nomination this year), Clarence Moye wrote: “The show as it’s presented feels something like a greatest hits of Spielberg’s science fiction-influenced films and the themes therein.”
8. Modern Family was nominated this year with four nominations, the smallest amount since it was first eligible in 2010. What season earned it the most nominations?
9. This Emmy nominee was originally cast as Jennifer Parker in Back to the Future, but was recast when Eric Stoltz was replaced by Michael J. Fox. Who is it?
10. Hank Azaria was nominated for his guest performance on Ray Donovan this year, bringing his total lifetime acting nominations to 8 (even though he’s known for his voice-over performances on The Simpsons). Which series did he actually win an acting Emmy for?
11. Other than Steve Harvey, which Emmy-nominated actor has also hosted Family Feud?

Thank you for taking the quiz! Don't forget to hit the Submit button to send in your answers.

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