Better Call Saul: The Comic

Spinning off the “Better Call Saul” episode of Breaking Bad (s02e08) which unleashed America’s favorite shady Albuquerque attorney Saul Goodman upon the world, AMC has released a new web comic to reintroduce the character and his partner in crime Mike Ehrmantraut before the Sunday/Monday February 8th and 9th premiere of the Better Call Saul series.

Behold: Better Call Saul – Client Development from Breaking Bad writers Jenn Carroll and Gordon Smith and artwork by Steve Ellis who did the previous Breaking Bad web comics for AMC.

Speaking to Mashable about the comic and the original Breaking Bad episode from whence it comes, AMC senior vice president of digital media and content Mac McKean said: “That episode is complete as it is but there was an opportunity there … to unpack something from that episode that directly leads us into Better Call Saul…Not that this is something you must read to get Better Call Saul, but having those extra layers out there seems really appropriate for this particular type of storytelling and this type of show.”

Click on the pic below to link to the comic.

Better Call Saul Web Comic

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