2017 PGA TV Winners

Here are your winners for the 2017 PGA TV Awards. Check out Awards Daily main for the film winners.

Drama Series

Stranger Things

Comedy Series


Long-form Series

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Competition Series

The Voice

Non-Fiction Series

Making a Murderer

Talk Show

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Digital Series

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Children’s Program

Sesame Street

Sports Program (Tie)

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Vice Sports

Where does Alec Baldwin stand in the 2017 Emmy race? Can he Trump-up a win?

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live announced that Alec Baldwin would host the upcoming 14th episode of the season after popping up throughout the season to impersonate Donald Trump. This will mark his 11th appearance of the season, and his 17th time hosting overall. Assuming this is another 21-episode season, the move completely changes the Emmy conversation considering the “less than 50% rule” the Television Academy implemented two years ago. Any performer appearing in 50% or more of a season isn’t eligible in the guest races. Alec Baldwin will now compete in the supporting actor race, an unprecedented move for someone who isn’t even member of the SNL cast.

Even while appearing in a single sketch per episode, his presence in popular culture has been stronger than all seven of last year’s nominees combined. Whether through a simple sniff or his pronunciation of “China,” Baldwin became the viral hit of SNL. That coupled with the real-life Twitter jabs between Baldwin and Trump turned the performance into a major talking point on every news program from Fox to MSNBC. Also, Baldwin’s status as an awards industry staple (16 Emmy nominations with 2 wins) probably makes him both a strong threat for a nomination and a strong contender to win.

If nominated, he would become the sixth Saturday Night Live performer in a supporting category, but he would make Emmy history as the first SNL guest to compete in a bigger race. After eight years of continuous losses, SNL finally won its first supporting award. Opening up the Academy’s voting procedures ushered in Kate McKinnon’s win. That type of popular vote might propel Alec Baldwin into frontrunner status. That’s especially possible if enough voters want to use their ballot as a small form of protest and send a message to the 45th President.

Alec Baldwin
(Photo: NBC)

A Brief History of SNL Politics at the Emmys

Emmy voters have always been partial to SNL political impersonators. The Academy rewarded Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin and rewarded Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton by breaking the cast member Emmy curse. At least ten nominated performers have been recognized parallel to some iconic portrayals over the years, and although it’s debatable whether to credit their nominations solely to their presidential caricatures, one can’t deny the lasting impact they have had. From Chevy Chase’s constantly stumbling Ford to Tina’s signature “I can see Russia from my house,” these Emmy-nominated performances dictated how audiences viewed these figures.

1976 – Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford*

1978 – Dan Ackroyd as Jimmy Carter

1984 – Joe Discopo as Ronald Reagan

1989-1993 – Dana Carvey as George H. W. Bush*

1994 – Phil Hartman as Bill Clinton

2001 – Will Ferrell as George W. Bush

2009 – Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton

2009 – Tina Fey as Sarah Palin*

2016 – Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton*

2016 – Larry David as Bernie Sanders

* Indicates Emmy Winner


Which of these Emmy nominated performances is your favorite? Is Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump strong enough to last throughout the Emmy season? Sound off in the comments below!

2017 SAG Awards

Jalal analyzes Sunday’s 2017 SAG Awards, including Team ADTV’s predictions.

The 23rd Annual SAG Awards arrive this Sunday. For the first time this season, the guilds will begin to give clues on what shows will make it all the way to this year’s Emmys. SAG voters are notorious for obnoxiously rewarding the same performances year after year, most recently having the same set of TV winners for the past two years with the exception of William H. Macy/Jeffrey Tambor. This year, voters made strides to switch things up by embracing fan-favorite genre shows like Westworld and Stranger Things over typical awards contenders like House of Cards, Maggie Smith, and Viola Davis as well as surprise nomination for cult favorite Black Mirror. How will the 2017 SAG Awards fall? Here’s what we’re thinking.

Drama Ensemble  

Frontrunner: Game of Thrones  
Contender: Downton Abbey
Dark Horse: Stranger Things

The Downton Abbey cast won the drama ensemble award the past three out of four years. However, it’s been over a year since the final season premiered, and it runs the risk of being forgotten by voters in a category filled with fresher shows. It also for the first time has to compete for votes with another popular costume drama, The Crown. Instead, the fifth time might just be the charm for Emmy winner Game of Thrones. After years of being dismissed as a fantasy show, Thrones comes across as the most prestigious drama in the group. While Game of Thrones might not suffer from genre bias, it does have to compete against a slew of sci-fi hits (Westworld, Stranger Things). In the end, the two newcomers might struggle to earn the votes of most voters. There is no precedent for a nominee like Stranger Things, and although it doesn’t seem like a real contender, it might just be able to ride the wave of 80’s nostalgia (and child SAG voters) to the biggest upset of the night.

Comedy Ensemble  

Frontrunner: Orange is the New Black
Contender: Black-ish

The Orange is the New Black ensemble should never be counted out at the SAG awards simply because of its massive size (larger than three other nominees combined) and diversity. Many voters will continue checking off the ensemble without taking a second look at any of the other nominees including The Big Bang Theory, black-ish, Modern Family, and Veep. With the show’s popularity diminishing, there is a chance that a new show takes the crown, and the obvious choice would be Veep. The show’s previous four seasons did fail to turn its Emmy success into major SAG success. Instead, any voter looking for an alternative might turn to black-ish which probably has the most accessible comedy in terms of humor as well as accessibility which always helps with a voting body of 160,000 members.

Male Actor in a Drama Series

Frontrunner: John Lithgow, The Crown
Contender: Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
Dark Horse: Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us

For the past two years, Kevin Spacey channeled his status as a renowned Oscar winner on a prestige Netflix drama into SAG success, but now that the House of Cards popularity is on the decline his reign as the best male actor in a drama might be over. This year, he faces stiff competition in 9-time SAG nominee John Lithgow for a performance as Winston Churchill in The Crown, a show voters liked enough to reward with three nominations. The other contenders are all previous Emmy winners, but the most popular one (and most likely to upset) is Sterling K. Brown who voters loved enough to nominate twice this year. As the charming and relatable brother on This Is Us, he might just be able to stand out enough in a category filled with flashy, over-the-top roles.

2017 SAG Awards
(Photo: HBO)
Female Actor in a Drama Series  

Frontrunner: Thandie Newton, Westworld  
Contenders: Toss-Up

Out of all the categories this year, the female actor in a drama race might be the most up for grabs. Past winners like Viola Davis, Maggie Smith, Juliana Margulies, and Claire Danes were either tossed out or ineligible resulting in a race filled with sci-fi newbies and political leaders. Thandie Newton gives the most nuanced performance of the five nominees, and voters might look at someone they are discovering they are a robot physically the most award-worthy. Stranger Things is the breakout hit of the year, and if Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown weren’t in direct competition with each other they might be more formidable contenders. Claire Foy received a strong visibility boost from her Golden Globes win earlier this month, but The Crown still might be too new (a little over two months) to win a plurality with a group as big as SAG-AFTRA. More voters had more time to see Robin Wright on House of Cards than any of the other nominees and their respected shows but she is the only one without an ensemble nomination.

Male Actor in a Comedy Series  

Frontrunner: Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent  
Dark Horse: Anthony Anderson, black-ish

Jeffrey Tambor won his first SAG award last year for his groundbreaking work on Transparent, and he appears pretty unstoppable when it comes to winning his second consecutive award. Some contenders are simply too obvious to bet against, and Tambor is one of them. If any actor has momentum to upset this year, Anthony Anderson fits the bill pretty well as an actor working in Hollywood for the past 20 years on top of starring in the most popular show of the five nominees.

(Photo: HBO)
Female Actor in a Comedy Series

Frontrunner: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep  
Contender: Uzo Aduba, Orange is the New Black  

For the past two years, Uzo Aduba stood out in a category filled with television icons, but as Orange is the New Black‘s popularity diminishes, she might become less of a strong contender. Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the other hand only grows stronger as Veep cements itself as one of the best comedies of the 21st century. She has had trouble in the past winning over SAG voters (she’s only won once for Veep), but a television icon like herself will surely stand out to voters as they fill out their ballots. As veteran actresses, Grace & Frankie stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda will easily earn the support of a lot of voters but in the end will likely be hampered by competing against each other. The inclusion of Ellie Kemper proves that voters are watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but there isn’t enough buzz for the actress to overcome the popularity of Aduba and Louis-Dreyfus.

Male Actor in a Limited Series/TV Movie  

Frontrunner: Bryan Cranston, All the Way
Contender: Sterling K. Brown, The People v. O.J. Simpson

Earlier last summer, Emmy voters were able to celebrate the acting achievements in The People v. O.J. Simpson without splitting the vote. Now that the two Emmy-winning performances are going head to head they might cancel each other out. Bryan Cranston on the other hand benefits from being the most recognizable name competing against two sets of costars (the other two nominees are The Night Of stars John Turturro and Riz Ahmed), so even if All The Way isn’t awards worthy his name alone might easily bring him to a third SAG award.

Female Actor in a Limited Series/TV Movie

Frontrunner: Sarah Paulson, The People v. O.J. Simpson
Dark Horse: Bryce Dallas Howard, Black Mirror

After years of unsung work on American Horror Story as well as multiple roles in major Oscar players 2016 is finally the year voters started honoring Sarah Paulson. There isn’t much to say about her work as Marcia Clark that hasn’t already been repeatedly said  and voters know how good she is. Good will towards Paulson as well as a lack of a real alternative makes her one of the more obvious locks of the night. Kerry Washington seemed to be a viable contender earlier in the year but after failing to find success at the Emmys or Golden Globes it’s hard to imagine her pulling off an upset here. As the apple in a bag of oranges Bryce Dallas Howard potentially benefits from a wave of Black Mirror love if enough voters suffer from TPVOJS fatigue, as unlikely as that may seem.

Team ADTV SAG Predictions

 Clarence MoyeMegan McLachlanJoey MoserJalal Haddad
Drama SeriesStranger ThingsThe CrownThe CrownGame of Thrones
Actor, Drama SeriesRami MalekSterling K. BrownJohn LithgowJohn Lithgow
Actress, Drama SeriesThandie NewtonClaire FoyThandie NewtonThandie Newton
Comedy SeriesBlack-ishVeepVeepOITNB
Actor, Comedy SeriesJeffrey TamborJeffrey TamborJeffrey TamborJeffrey Tambor
Actress, Comedy SeriesUzo AdubaJulia Louis-DreyfusJulia Louis-DreyfusJulia Louis-Dreyfus
Limited Series
TV Movie
Courtney B. VanceCourtney B. VanceCourtney B. VanceBryan Cranston
Limited Series
TV Movie
Sarah PaulsonSarah PaulsonSarah PaulsonSarah Paulson

2017 Emmy Host

2017 Emmy Host Stephen Colbert will lead the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards

Late Show host Stephen Colbert will host the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, according to host network CBS. This marks Colbert’s first major awards show hosting gig. This announcement as 2017 Emmy Host puts Colbert in great company. Fellow late night hosts Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and James Corden all host recent or upcoming awards shows. Colbert’s Emmy haul amassed 27 nominations and nine wins.

“We’re excited to kick off the new season and celebrate the top achievements in television with Stephen Colbert as host of the Primetime Emmys,” said Jack Sussman, CBS Entertainment EVP of specials, music and live events. “Stephen is the ultimate master of ceremonies with award-winning creative talents, and as we’ve seen the past few months, he has a fearless passion for live television. We look forward to honoring television’s best while entertaining audiences with the creative energy and sharp comedy of Stephen Colbert.”

The 69th Primetime Emmy Awards airs Sunday, September 17, on CBS beginning at 8pm ET.

Guild awards

ADTV looks at the impact of the recent TV guild awards announcements on the Emmy race.

Six months from now, Emmy voters will sit down and begin to fill out their nominating ballots for the 69th Emmy Awards. However, the various guilds just gave us the first clues on what shows are popular within the television industry and what former favorites voters are beginning to move on from. Seven years ago, guild awards were the first major hint that Modern Family was massively popular with industry voters and just a few years ago the first season of Homeland was popping up at the guild awards before eventually winning Best Drama at that year’s Emmys. Below are nine shows with varying degrees of success.

The Good

Stranger Things

Six months ago, I would have laughed at anyone who brought up Stanger Things in the Emmy conversation. Yet, after dominating the guild awards, wooing over the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice, and even earning two Grammy nominations, not only is the supernatural throwback in the conversation it might even be a front-runner. Only second to Game of Thrones in terms of guild nominations, Stranger Things racked up recognition from the Producers Guild, the Directors Guild, the Costume Designers Guild, the Art Directors Guild, and double nominations from the Writers Guild and Editors Guild. The most noteworthy nominations (and maybe the biggest hint that Emmys will follow suit) are from SAG-AFTRA voters. Not only did the nominating committees recognize Winona Ryder, but they included Millie Bobby Brown and the entire ensemble. I can’t think of a single show (drama, comedy, or limited series) that was snubbed by Emmy voters after completely commanding the attention of just about every guild, so after premiering as a simple pop culture phenomenon the show has somehow become the most unprecedented Emmy front-runner in a very long time.


Donald Glover has had an absolutely stellar past four months with the premiere of Atlanta, his show becoming the best reviewed comedy of 2016, two Golden Globe wins, a Critics’ Choice award, AFI recognition, and a surprising amount of guild support. Atlanta was nominated by the PGA, the DGA, and even received three WGA nominations for Comedy, New Series, a individual episode nomination for Streets On Lock. There really is no recent precedent for a show with a PGA, DGA and WGA trifecta being left out of the Emmy comedy race which makes it essentially a certainty once Emmy season is upon us. The only recognition that would make the show even stronger is from SAG voters, but the nominating committee has a fickle history with small first season shows in the past so Atlanta’s shutout with SAG-AFTRA isn’t that surprising.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror entered the US as a small cult phenomenon on Netflix, and over the course of three seasons the anthology series has grown into a streaming hit. Even with all of that success, very few people thought that popularity would translate into awards potential. The guilds didn’t unanimously celebrate Black Mirror, but the third season popped up in some surprising places: the PGA, the Art Directors Guild, and even an individual SAG nomination for Bryce Dallas Howard. These nominations aren’t a straight ticket to the Emmys for the little British import, but they are signs that there is buzz for the show throughout Hollywood. Six months from now, Netflix might be able to leverage that popularity and create a campaign for their first major Limited Series contender.


HBO’s answer to the upcoming conclusion of Game of Thrones cemented itself in the Emmy race and with at least ten nominations across the guilds. There is an obvious hunger for another sweeping fantasy epic on television. Westworld is bound for Emmy glory in most of the below the line races (although it was surprisingly snubbed by the Art Directors Guild), and it will be interesting to see if the show can pull off wins including a well-deserved statue for Thandie Newton. HBO essentially perfected the Emmy campaign strategy. With so many drama races wide open, it will be interesting to watch just how strongly they parade Westworld and its star-studded cast around for the next six months.

The Night Of

The Night Of premiered so early in the Emmy season (late last summer) that many (including the ADTV team) thought that Emmy voters would eventually forget about the show once other high profile Limited Series entered the conversation. Since then, a promising strong amount of support from the PGA, DGA, WGA, ACE, ASC, and two SAG nominations turned The Night Of into a front-runner in the Limited Series race. Nothing is certain until reactions come out towards series like Big Little Lies and Feud, but The Night Of had such a strong attendance throughout the guild awards that it’s hard to imagine the crime thriller completely shut out of the Emmy race.

Better Call Saul 

A show that in the past has struggled to find its own identity besides a small spinoff of Breaking Bad has certainly come into its own with a heavy string of guild support. On top of the show’s second PGA nomination, it also earned three ACE nominations and four WGA nominations (including three individual episode nominations). The popularity of Better Call Saul especially among writers proves that the show is likely to continue to reap Emmy recognition if the third season is consistent with the rest of the show. AMC should also take note of the WGA support as a hint that they need to be more strategic about their episode submissions if they don’t want to be shut out of the Emmy writing race once again. The only notable shutout from the guilds would be Bob Odenkirk not making the cut at the SAG awards, but that could easily be because of stiff competition.

(Photo: Netflix)


The Crown

Emmy voters were obsessed with Downton Abbey for six long seasons, and now that the show is over it has been automatically assumed that those same voters will heavily embrace Netflix’s The Crown. As a sweeping costume drama produced by Stephen Daldry and written by Peter Morgan, the show at first seemed unstoppable. Although the show’s technical achievements are still some of the strongest locks of the Emmy season, the first season of the show had a rocky start throughout the various guild groups. The PGA, DGA, and WGA all skipped over The Crown, but it did earn an ACE nomination and more importantly 3 SAG nominations. The acting branch clearly has a lot of power at the Emmys and, mixed with the boost it received from the Golden Globe wins, the show will still likely be an Emmy contender.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt vastly under-performed at the Emmys last summer, and the tepid response to the Tina Fey-produced comedy was a sign that it might all out disappear from the awards conversation in the future. Surprisingly, the season then had a resurgence throughout the winter season with a shocking win for Jane Krakowski at the Critics’ Choice awards, three WGA nominations (including two individual episode noms), and two SAG nominations. We’ll have to wait and see how the third season pans out when it premieres this spring, but at least we know industry voters are paying attention and maybe that overwhelming support from the Writers Guild will turn into the show’s first writing Emmy.

(Photo: Amazon)

The Bad


For the past two years, Transparent charged through the comedy races at the Emmys racking up 21 nominations with 8 wins (including two for Jill Soloway and two for Jeffrey Tambor). In the show’s recent third season, the Amazon hit continued on with its critical success although it took a major hit from guild snubs. Transparent missed the PGA, DGA, and SAG Ensemble races, but at least it managed to stay in WGA’s good graces. Jeffrey Tambor did earn a second consecutive SAG nomination. After the initial excitement over the groundbreaking show simmered down, a conversation started around the fact that Transparent was taking up space in the comedy race even though the show is a drama at heart. The growing resentment around that fact just might be catching up with voters.

Mr. Robot

ADTV has been following the interesting response to the sophomore season of Mr. Robot. The lukewarm reactions began while the show was airing and continued into the show being left out of the Outstanding Drama race at the Golden Globes (an award it won just last year). The shut out continued at the PGA, DGA, WGA, and ACE guild awards and the show once looked at as the future of television is now unfortunately looking like the most vulnerable drama in contention.


DGA Announces Nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Television, Commercials and Documentary for 2016

Los Angeles – Directors Guild of America President Paris Barclay today announced the DGA’s nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Television, Commercials and Documentary for 2016.

“There’s so much to celebrate in such an incredible year for television, commercials and documentaries as we announce the DGA nominees for directorial achievement,” said Barclay. “As content across these categories reaches record levels, the bar is set higher than ever for directors – with each genre requiring unique skillsets and talents. And our nominees this year have far surpassed the challenge with such creative and captivating projects. I congratulate all of them on their exceptional work.”

The winners will be announced at the 69th Annual DGA Awards on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.


Dramatic Series

Stranger Things, “Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers” (Netflix)

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, “From the Ashes of Tragedy” (FX)

Westworld, “The Original” (HBO)


Game of Thrones, “The Battle of the Bastards” (HBO)

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, “The Race Card” (FX)

Comedy Series

Silicon Valley, “Daily Active Users” (HBO)

Atlanta, “B.A.N.” (FX)

Silicon Valley, “Founder Friendly” (HBO)

Veep, “Inauguration” (HBO)

Veep, “Mother” (HBO)

Movies For TV And Miniseries

Madoff (ABC)

THOMAS KAIL (Directed By)
ALEX RUDZINSKI (Live Television Direction By)
Grease Live! (Fox)

KENNY LEON (Directed By)
ALEX RUDZINSKI (Live Television Direction By)
Hairspray Live! (NBC)

All the Way (HBO)

The Night Of, “The Beach” (HBO)

Variety/News/Talk/Sports – Regulary Scheduled Programming

Real Time With Bill Maher, “Show #1437” (HBO)

CBS Sunday Morning, “Charles Osgood Farewell Broadcast” (CBS)

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, “Episode #0179” (CBS)

Saturday Night Live, “Host: Dave Chappelle” (NBC)

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, “Episode #1030” (TBS)

Variety/News/Talk/Sports – Specials


Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 – The Best is Yet to Come (NBC)

The Late Late Show with James Corden, “The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special” (CBS)

Smithsonian Salutes Ray Charles: In Performance at the White House (PBS)

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, “A Very Special Full Frontal Special” (TBS)

The 70th Annual Tony Awards (CBS)

Reality Programs

Shark Tank, “801” (ABC)

Live PD, “Episode 5” (A&E)

STRONG, “Welcome to STRONG” (NBC)

American Grit, “The Finale Over the Falls” (Fox)

The Amazing Race, “We’re Only Doing Freaky Stuff Today” (CBS)

Children’s Programs

The Kicks, “Pilot” (Amazon)

Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street, “Gortimer and the Jacks of All Trades” (Amazon)

A Nutcracker Christmas (Hallmark Channel)

An American Girl Story – Melody 1963: Love Has to Win (Amazon)

Adventures in Babysitting (Disney Channel)


LANCE ACORD (Park Pictures)
Frankie’s Holiday, Apple – MAL
First Assistant Director: Thomas Smith

Movie Night, Kohl’s – Anomaly
First Assistant Director: Thomas Smith
Second Assistant Director: Rob Kay

Hold Your Breath, SunTrust – Strawberry Frog
Unit Production Manager: Natalie Hill
First Assistant Director: George Nessis
Second Assistant Director: Isaac Mejia

Riding is the New Driving, Lyft – Made Movement
Unit Production Manager: Natalie Hill
First Assistant Director: John Lowe
Second Assistant Director: Julian Metter
Second Second Assistant Director: Dave Liehn

Tell Me When To Go, Beats
Unit Production Managers: Natalie Hill, Susan Levin
First Assistant Director: Chris Medak
Second Assistant Director: Adam Stern
Second Second Assistant Director: Jani Vournas

Dive, Apple – TBWA/Media Arts Lab
First Assistant Director: Howell Caldwell

Everyday Hero, Philips – Ogilvy & Mather

World of Play, LG – Energy BBDO
Unit Production Manager: Line Postmyr
First Assistant Director: Anthony Dimino
Second Assistant Director: Spencer Taylor
Second Second Assistant Director: R. Ben Parker
Additional First Assistant Director: Chris Blanch
Additional Second Assistant Director: Steve Bagnara


Chase, Nike Golf – Wieden + Kennedy Portland
First Assistant Director: Rick Lange
Second Assistant Director: Ethan Ross

Doubts, Powerade – Wieden + Kennedy Portland
First Assistant Director: Mariela Comitini
Second Assistant Director: Brad Robinson

Expectations, Powerade – Wieden + Kennedy Portland
First Assistant Director: Mariela Comitini
Second Assistant Director: Brad Robinson

Manifesto, Squarespace – Anomaly
First Assistant Director: David Backus
Second Assistant Director: Josh Voegelin

AG ROJAS (Park Pictures)

The Best Planet, S7 Airlines – Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam

The Snail, Samsung – Leo Burnett USA
First Assistant Director: Robert Dean Phillips

ADTV looks at the 2017 Golden Globes awards and broadcast.

The Awards  

At the 2017 Golden Globes, HBO went home empty handed for the first time since 1990, ushering in a new era of winners. Netflix finally won their first series award, and Amazon took home its fifth and sixth award, becoming the first streaming service to double dip in television and film.

The most exciting television moment of the night came when Tracee Ellis Ross earned her first major award of her career as well as a rousing standing ovation. This shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise though. black-ish was the most nominated comedy of the night, and Ross’s infectious personality was probably a huge asset when it came to campaigning throughout those Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) parties. Atlanta won two awards (comedy series and lead actor) which is only surprising because the HFPA is the last voting body I would have expected to embrace a comedy about economic hardship and hip-hop in the American South.

The Crown took home two major awards including Netflix’s first series win, proving it was futile to bet against it even though I tried to convince myself the voting body was changing. British dramas so clearly appealed to the HFPA’s sensibilities, and because of that every other drama contender went home empty handed from Westworld to Stranger Things. In fact, the only other drama to go home with an award was Amazon’s Goliath for Billy Bob Thornton’s performance, beating out a category filled with Emmy contenders. This recognition happened simply because he was the movie star on a popular streaming platform that knows how to schmooze their way through the HFPA parties.

Throughout awards season, I knew The Night Manager was just too juicy of an international sensation for the HFPA to ignore, but I mistakenly thought that popularity would culminate in a series and actor win, not an acting sweep only to lose the top award. The People v. O.J. Simpson continued its awards streak and gave Ryan Murphy a win in all three of the Globes’ top series awards (Nip Tuck, Glee, and now PVOJS).

Going forward, it seems that Atlanta is going to benefit the most from this year’s awards at the Emmys. The Golden Globes have a spotty (at best) history with predicting Emmy contenders (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mozart in the Jungle, The Affair), but every group from the critics to the PGA seems to be celebrating Donald Glover’s new comedy. If a group like the HFPA singled out the show (a group I never thought would like a show set in the south about hip-hop), the Emmys will probably follow suit. Tracee Ellis Ross clearly cemented herself as the Julia Louis-Dreyfus alternative, but if Veep’s final season is the masterpiece we are all hoping for this conversation is pointless.

The Ceremony

The 2017 Golden Globe awards will go down in history as the year Meryl Streep gave the most poignant speech of any awards ceremony in what seemed to be a rallying cry for everyone to do better and be sharper. The most affecting moment for me came at the beginning of her speech. Streep took the time to single out her peers around the room and made everyone realize that she truly cares about the people around her. Watching her single out everyone from Amy Adams to Ruth Negga only proved that she is the role model we need right now.

On a sour note, Jimmy Fallon was the most tiring host in a long time. His jokes never really offended or annoyed, but they were frustrating simply because he never pulled from his strengths. On The Late Show, Fallon excels when he creates odd and enduring scenarios whether he is playing beer pong with Betty White or having Michelle Obama educate us on the history of the mom dance. He had a room full of personalities to utilize but instead he stuffed the ceremony with subpar jokes and used Questlove as a prop instead of the integral part of The Tonight Show that he has proven himself to be.

And once again presenters like Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell stole the show with a bit that I couldn’t help but compare to one of my favorite scenes in The Office with everyone utilizing the grief counseling session to rehash their favorite films. Kristen Wiig consistently steals the show at the Globes and Twitter erupts in campaigns to finally bring her on as a host to no avail. Maybe next year. Goldie Hawn did not disappoint, and I drove my family crazy with my incessant screaming of “she’s my favorite Banger sister.” Hopefully, Oscar producers were paying attention to the Reynolds/Fisher tribute because that is how you celebrate the life of a Hollywood legend.

Overall I actually enjoyed this year’s ceremony. I’ve had some trouble this year mustering up excitement for awards season after the most soul-draining political season of my life, but after hearing “City of Stars” blasted seven record-setting times, Moonlight receiving the top award, and watching so many deserving first time wins for actresses like Viola Davis and Tracee Ellis Ross, I finally feel like I have the energy to celebrate everyone’s favorite season.


What were your favorite moments of the Golden Globes last night? How did you do in the predictions? Should Jimmy Fallon be invited back next year?


Jalal tackles some Golden Globes long shots and ponders the PGA Award noms

Even though the Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) awards are a part of the winter awards season, the television categories have always held a period of eligibility similar to the Emmys (June 1st-May 31st). That is, until this year with a switch to a simple calendar year. In an effort to make the switch the 2016 awards actually represent a year and a half of television (June 2015 to December 2016).

The drama nominees were Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Westworld. The most shocking omission is Mr. Robot which, because of the prolonged eligibility period, was eligible for two seasons. After the sophomore season, the hacking drama hasn’t been sitting well with guild members, and the PGA snub might be the biggest hint that the show will take a major hit at the Emmys later in the year. After all, this is the guild award that foreshadowed the industry disdain for the third season of Homeland.  The other notable omissions were Homeland, The Americans, The Crown, two seasons of Orange is the New Black, and the final season of Downton Abbey.

The comedy races brought back perennial nominees Modern Family, Silicon Valley, and Veep as well as first time nominees Atlanta and black-ish. The inclusion of Atlanta gives the show a lot of strength going into Emmy season since it might not seem like an obvious awards contender even if it is the critical hit of the year. With two seasons eligible, Transparent was shockingly left out after winning the award for the first season. Other than that, the only notable omissions were the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Master of None, and last year’s nominee Inside Amy Schumer.

The other notable nominees include more guild recognition for Black Mirror which, after a SAG nomination for Bryce Dallas Howard, might be on its way to popping up at the Emmy awards if Netflix campaigns the anthology strong enough.  Just as exciting is the inclusion of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee in the live/talk television category over major contenders like Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel which hopefully indicates good news for her Emmy chances.

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Golden Globes Dark Horses and Long Shots

From Jacqueline Bisset to Mozart in the Jungle, the Golden Globes are known for shocking and sometimes downright confusing wins – especially on the TV side. Last year, ADTV tried to hypothesize just some of the wild decisions the HFPA might make and we ended up not being far off. Here are some of the “go big or go home” possibilities of 2o16.

Stranger Things cements itself as the drama series frontrunner

Six months ago, no one was talking about awards potential for the summer sleeper hit, but after nominations from every guilds group, the critics, and here at the Globes it’s clear that the show has major support across the industry. If Globes voters want to be the first group to celebrate the show, they might just give it the top award or 80’s star Winona Ryder, especially since the 80’s Hollywood nostalgia we cling to from blockbusters and pop music is probably just as appealing to international audiences.

Billy Bob Thornton in Goliath continues the recent Amazon streak

Over the past four years streaming networks have increasingly dominated at the Golden Globes, and, although no other streaming service comes close to Netflix’s 27 nominations (including one for film), Amazon actually has the best track record for actually taking home awards. Billy Bob Thornton is Amazon’s first nomination in the drama races, and he might just be too irresistible for voters to  ignore even if Goliath came and went without any major buzz. He is an easy sell to voters seeing as they’ve nominated him six times over the past 20 years including singling him out with a win for Fargo against his own costar and nominating him for Bad Santa. A surprise win for Goliath shouldn’t seem that farfetched.

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The Night Of becomes a major player in the Emmy limited series races

The Limited Series/TV movie race boasts a few obvious frontrunners between America’s obsession with The People v. O.J. Simpson and the international hit The Night Manager. If voters stray from the obvious, they’ll likely go for the HBO remake of the British crime story. With recognition across the guilds, The Night Of clearly captivated audiences, and Globes voters might take the chance to award the show or one of its leads as a way of ringing in a new show to the awards conversation. Riz Ahmed is also an up and coming actor that voters might clamor over after his appearance in the newest Star Wars film (which helped Oscar Isaac at the Globes last year).

Liev Schreiber finally wins for Ray Donovan

Showtime has become a Golden Globes staple throughout the 21st century, and the network has gone home with an award consistently for the past eight years (although that doesn’t hold a candle to HBO’s 26-year streak). Now in 2016, Liev Schreiber is the premium network’s sole nomination (and his fourth in a row), so he might just hold the upper hand in a category filled with other shows not loved enough to be nominated in the best drama race.

Lena Headey wins the first Globe for Game of Thrones since the first season

Game of Thrones has never appealed to HFPA voters as much as it has audiences and the Television Academy. In fact, the only award the fantasy show has taken home is the first season win for Peter Dinklage. Westworld’s Thandie Newton is the frontrunner (and deservingly so), but Headey might be able to sneak ahead for being an overdue Brit even if the show isn’t the shiny new toy Globes voters generally go for (which helped Joanne Froggatt get her sole win). It’s hard to imagine voters would feel like playing catchup with so many breakout performances in the lineup, but it should be expected now for the Foreign Press to stray from the frontrunner just for fun.


What shocking surprises are you predicting this year at the Golden Globes? Sound off in the comments below and don’t forget to check out the official predictions from the entire ADTV team!

2017 Golden Globes TV Predictions

AwardsDaily TV offers their 2017 Golden Globes TV Predictions

The 2017 Golden Globes ceremony snuck up on us with awards season moving earlier and earlier each year. The ceremony airs Sunday night on NBC, hosted by (ugh) Jimmy Fallon. Here are our official 2017 Golden Globes TV predictions from Clarence, Megan, Joey, and Jalal. Most of us think Netflix’s The Crown will have a good night with some predicting (perhaps foolishly – I speak for myself of course) a rare 3-win haul. Stranger Things looks to be left out this time (it’s only nominated in two categories), but we’ve underestimated the cult phenom before. Will we suffer the same fate again? Find out Sunday night.

After the ceremony, please join us on Monday’s Water Cooler Podcast for a recap of the show’s highlights and lowlights as well as our reactions to the winners.

Enjoy the weekend, and we will catch you on Monday.


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Actress, Drama SeriesClaire FoyClaire FoyClaire FoyClaire Foy
Comedy SeriesAtlantaVeepAtlantablack-ish
Actor, Comedy SeriesJeffrey TamborDonald GloverDonald GloverDonald Glover
Actress, Comedy SeriesIssa RaeSarah Jessica ParkerIssa RaeTracee Ellis Ross
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2017 PGA TV Winners

2017 PGA TV Nominations highlight inclusion of new, buzzy shows

The Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) unveiled their 2017 television nominations today, and Netflix’s Stranger Things continues to show in the guilds. This “little show that could” is clearly moving beyond a nostalgia property and could factor into the 2017 Emmys in a major way. Still, it is early in the Emmy season with roughly five months of programming left. Still, if the nominations announced today, Stranger Things would definitely fall into the top seven drama series. The 2017 PGA TV nominations also recognized other new series, including HBO’s Westworld and The Night Of as well as FX’s Atlanta, which has also factored in heavily in the end of year guild awards.

Returning nominees include Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, and Veep among others. Winners will be revealed on January 28.

The full list of 2017 PGA TV nominations follows.

2017 PGA TV Nominations

Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama

Better Call Saul (Season 2)
Game of Thrones (Season 6)
House of Cards (Season 4)
Stranger Things (Season 1)
Westworld (Season 1)


Danny Thomas Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Comedy

Atlanta (Season 1)
Black-ish (Season 2)
Modern Family (Season 7)
Silicon Valley (Season 3)
Veep (Season 5)


David L. Wolper Award for Outstanding Producer of Long-Form Television
(Encompasses movies of the week and miniseries)

Black Mirror (Season 3)
The Night Manager (Season 1)
The Night Of
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story (Season 1)
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride


Outstanding Sports Program

E:60 (2016)
The Fight Game with Jim Lampley: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali
Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Los Angeles Rams (Season 11)
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (Season 22)
VICE World of Sports (Season 1)


Outstanding Digital Series

30 for 30 Shorts (Season 5)
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Season 7, Season 8)
Epic Rap Battles of History (Season 5)
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: ACADEMY (Season 1)
National Endowment for the Arts: United States of Arts


Outstanding Producer of Non-Fiction Television

30 for 30 (Season 7)
60 Minutes (Season 48, Season 49)
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown (Season 5-8)
Hamilton’s America
Making a Murderer (Season 1)


Outstanding Producer of Competition Television

The Amazing Race (Season 27, Season 28)
American Ninja Warrior (Season 7, Season 8)
Lip Sync Battle (Season 1, Season 2)
Top Chef (Season 13)
The Voice (Season 9-11)


Outstanding Producer of Live Entertainment & Talk Television

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (Season 1)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Season 3)
The Late Late Show with James Corden (Season 2)
Real Time with Bill Maher (Season 14)
Saturday Night Live (Season 42)


Outstanding Children’s Program

Girl Meets World (Season 2, Season 3)
Octonauts (Season 4)
School of Rock (Season 1)
Sesame Street (Season 46)
SpongeBob SquarePants (Season 9)

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