Dr. Lecter will see his last patient on NBC this September.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal will finish out its third, critically acclaimed, 13-episode season on September 3 with a possibility of being shopped to a different network. THR cites other sources as indicating the reason for the cancellation revolved around the introduction of Clarice Starling in a potential fourth season. The rights to the character, played by both Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore, were unavailable to the television production.

While the series has developed a rabid cult following, there is an unmistakable feeling that the series was lucky to have aired as long as it did on NBC. All three seasons of Hannibal featured graphic deaths and other gore that is not frequently seen on network television. Season Two, in particular, spared nothing in its depiction of the famed Mason Verger (Michael Pitt) storyline introduced in Thomas Harris’s source material. Ratings for the third season started promisingly for its summer outing, achieving 2.57 million in its season premiere, but fell to a series low of 1.66 million in its following outing.

Awards Daily TV live-tweeted A Deadly Adoption tonight during its east coast premiere (that sounds so important, doesn’t it?). If you missed the fun, then go find it a copy and follow along on our Twitter handle. Joey Moser and Megan McLaclan also joined in the madness.

Also, Bryan Safi is our new favorite supporting actor.

Here are some of the high(low)lights…





There are a few things that most gay men look forward to every year: Fleet Week. The new Versace line. And, the most sacred of all, the crown jewel of LOGO’s television crown, RuPaul’s Drag Race. Every year, RuPaul asks more than a dozen drag queens to sashay on down in television’s most underappreciated competition serious. Buckle up, hunty. It’s about to get fierce up in here.

The entrances of the queens is one of my favorite parts of the entire season. You only get one first impression, and these ladies sometimes try too hard to impress. Who are the standouts? I’m glad you asked! Jaidynn Diore Fierce has enough energy to light up West Hollywood, and she gets bonus points for dressing like a curvy Rainbow Brite (or Lite Brite—depending on your childhood). Max is an old Hollywood, rail thin Glamazon (think Mrs. Danvers but not terrifying), and Mrs. Kasha Davis might be my favorite for introducing herself as “and international celebrity housewife because of that one time I performed in Canada.” Sure, Miss Fame is skinny and model-tastic, but give me some kitsch.

Normally, the first mini challenge is a photo shoot. The queens have to jump on a trampoline or stand on a spinning disc while being hosed down while simultaneously looking like a cover girl. RuPaul decided to turn the tables on his latest litter of kittens by giving them a rather difficult assignment. They have to premiere not one but two of their best looks for a “spring and fall collection.” You can just imagine the flurry of wigs and sequins backstage. Each of the queens strut their stuff twice, and Miss Fame has the most severe face—and waist line. Temptest Dujour, the oldest of the bunch, garnered my favorite reaction from the judges sitting on the sidelines when she walked out in a quilted poncho: “What do you think is under her skirt?”/”My guess is Jimmy Hoffa.” Alaska (one of the finalists from season 5) dressed as her best Anna Wintour and provided bitchy commentary as the girls walked down the runway (“Please make it stop!”). Is this her audition to be a judge for an upcoming season? She gets my vote!

Ru Paul's Drag Race

If dress double duty wasn’t stressful enough for their first day, RuPaul throws them a curveball when she reveals the main challenge. Well, not a curveball as much as an…unexpected choreography change. The girls will have to create a resort wear look that rips away to reveal a drag illusion. For those of you playing at home, the girls will have to strip down to show us painted on breasts and crotch. Yeah, you read that correctly. Probably the most baffling moment was when Jasmine Masters tried to explain that she’d be walking down the runway in a cocoon, and by the end, she’d be a nude butterfly. Don Ameche is rolling over in his grave.

It’s kind of difficult to describe the main runway challenge. A lot of emotions were in play during the premiere. There’s rage that people can actually be as skinny as Miss Fame, Max, and Violet Chachki. There’s joy for the older queens like Mrs. Kasha Davis and Tempest Dujour for having the balls to be nude on the first day of school (“It takes a lot of balls to be a lady,” Davis quips). And then there’s…genuine confusion (re: that cocoon). Guest judge complimented Miss Fame’s pointy shoulders (“Let’s go back to Dynasty while we can!”), but newly added judge Ross Mathews declared that he “likes a bit of stank” on his drag queens. Amen, sir, amen.

One would think that Miss Fame’s strutting would give her the edge to win the main challenge, but it was Violet Chachki who took the premiere win. You can already tell that the producers are setting up for tension between the two (Violet is already setting herself up to be the young season bitch). In the end, Tempest Dujour ill-fitted garments and Kandy Ho’s bad blending landed them in the bottom two, and it’s quite kismet since Kandy asked Tempest her age at the beginning of the episode.  Kandy twerked and shook her ass more than Tempest shimmied and was declared safe. When Tempest was delivering her farewell message to the camera, I couldn’t focus on her heartfelt goodbye because they showed her picking up a RuPaul’s Drag Race logo STATUE!!! Where do I get one?! Are they on Amazon yet?!

To be honest, I thought the premiere felt a bit muted. Am I the only one? It feels like LOGO isn’t celebrating the start of this season as much as the others. There wasn’t the grand beginning at the start of the episode, and it just felt a bit…off. It doesn’t matter. Grab your new Versace slip-ons an watch every Monday night.

Leonard Nimoy, the actor, the poet, the writer, the artist, the director, the teacher and the man most fondly remembered as Spock in the Star Trek universe has died of complications due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at age 83. Nimoy announced the disease last year attributing it to his years as a smoker then 30 years past.

Beginning his acting career in the 1950s mostly in B movies, Nimoy quickly found a home on television, appearing in dozens of popular shows of the day including The Silent Service (1957-1958), Broken Arrow (1957-1958), Dragnet (1954, 1959), Sea Hunt (1958-1960), Outlaws (1960), Bonanza (1960), Rawhide (1961), Twilight Zone (1961), The Untouchables (1962), Wagon Train (1959-1962), Perry Mason (1963), General Hospital (1963), Dr. Kildare (1963), The Outer Limits (1964), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964), The Virginian (1963, 1965), Combat (1963, 1965), Get Smart (1966), Gunsmoke (1961, 1962, 1963, 1966) and of course Star Trek (1966-1969) which forever sealed his legacy as the half human, half Vulcan science officer and first officer of starship Enterprise.

Nimoy would solidify his legacy as Spock in the Stark Trek animated series and the original Star Trek film and its many of its sequels, both in front of and behind the camera.

His last film appearance was the most recent Star Trek sequel Star Trek Into Darkness.

I didn’t grow up a Trek fan, but I loved paranormal mystery stories and I was obsessed of In Search Of… (1977-1982) hosted by Nimoy.

Here’s one of my favorites, the Big Foot episode.

Check out more biographical info in the NY Times obituary.

The official Netflix description:

“From 30 Rock executive producers, Tina Fey and Robert Carlock comes this hilarious new comedy series starring Ellie Kemper (The Office, Bridesmaids) as a woman who is rescued from a doomsday cult and starts life over as a nanny for an Upper East Side socialite (Jane Krakowski from 30 Rock) in New York City. Armed with just a backpack, light-up sneakers and a couple way-past-due library books, she takes on a world she didn’t think even existed anymore. http://www.netflix.com

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt debuts on Netflix on March 6. Check out the traditional poster and the motion poster below.


unbreakable-kimmy-schmidtvia: Deadline


Bob Simon, longtime fixture of CBS News and its flagship 60 Minutes program, died tonight in an automobile accident in Manhattan at age 73.

Known for his work as a war correspondent, Simon covered the Vietnam War extensively, the violence in Northern Ireland and war zones from Cyprus to Yugoslavia. While covering the first Gulf War in 1991, Simon and his crew were captured and held as POWs for 40 days.

Simon joined 60 Minutes in 1996. His last story was an interview of Selma director Ava DuVernay which aired February 8, 2015.


House of Cards is coming back and there’s a new President in town…

House of Cards Season 3

On the next episode of Awards Daily TV’s Water Cooler Podcast, Megan, Joey, Clarence and I will be taking a look at some of our favorite Christmas TV specials and Christmas-themed episodes from our favorite shows.

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