HBO has released the preview for the fourth season of Girls in which Hannah (Lena Dunham) moves to Iowa to participate in the Iowa Writer’s Workshop while remaining entangled with Adam (Adam Driver).

“Honestly, I feel like I’ve made the right decision, which is a totally new sensation for me,” Dunham says while eating grapes as a snack… also a new sensation for her.

The most notable progression within her friends seems to be in Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) who appears to enter the job market with presumably varying degrees of success.

Girls returns on HBO and HBO Go on Sunday, January 11, 2015.

Is Jon Stewart the only one making any sense in the world anymore? He’s just a comedian, yet time and time again he’s forced to call out the news media for shoveling a constant stream of bullshit that seems to peak at times when the country and the world need the media the most.

First he pins down our elected officials on both sides of the aisle for doing little more than argue and soil their diapers as this ISIS thing gets way out of hand, and then he unloads on the news channels for focusing on #LatteSalute instead of actual reporting. He unleashes most of his juicy rant at the end on FOX, but none of the outlets come away clean.

“Which branch of government has the power to take us to war? Is this even a war at all? And if it isn’t a war, then what is it? Now is the time for an adult conversation about how our government makes its most important decisions and functions in crisis. And to lead that discussion, I give you our national media…”

Watch, laugh and cry.

“We are so fucked. I don’t even know what to do.”

AMC won’t let us see this show in advance so we’re just going to review this every week because it’s super funny.

“You gotta say your words right.”


walking dead promo

Chuck Todd debuted as the new host of Meet the Press this weekend with a big interview of President Barack Obama. And he blew it. 

The smug-prick look on Chuck’s stupid face when he says the words “You’ve not said the word Syria so far” like he knows he’s the only one who got the teacher’s question right in class illustrates everything that sucks about him and why he’s one of the worst things about NBC News… which puts him in the running for one of the worst things ever.

Please, Chuck. Make the world a smarter place by getting off TV.

via: Crooks and Liars

Because clowns aren’t creepy enough already. Thanks American Horror Story!

And then I don’t even know what the hell is going on here, but it looks like more clown shenanigans.

And finally, a dude swallowing a sword which is just weird, not creepy.

Please enjoy this trailer for Martin Scorsese and Dave Tedeschi’s documentary covering the 50 year history of the venerable The New York Review of Books which began in 1963 with the belief that that intelligent discussions about literature were as important as literature itself.

The 50 Year Argument airs on HBO on September 29.

It had begun to seem like Joan Rivers would be with us forever, but now she’s gone.

I remember her most vividly from the 1980s when she was a frequent guest host on The Tonight Show, long before the unpleasantness between her and Johnny Carson when she started her own competing talk show.

Joan was caustic and her comedy could be mean, but she usually directed her harshest jokes at herself. I don’t know why this joke stands out above all the others, but I remember she once referred to Richard Burton and Liz Taylor as “Hamlet and Piglet.” This was especially cruel because Liz was struggling with her weight at the time, but it was ok because she was Hollywood royalty and Joan was just the court jester bringing the mighty down to a human level.

Oddly, I never really cared for Joan’s mean-spirited E! red carpet shtick even though it was in exactly the same vein and I didn’t may much attention to her throughout the 2000s. The documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work from a few years ago reminded me though of why she was so great. It paints a picture of an insecure woman driven to constantly to seek that audience approval, even well into old age. Check it out on Netflix streaming if you haven’t seen it.

Meanwhile, remember Joan with these clips from her heyday as Carson’s guest host.

I’m glad it speaks for itself because it saves me from having to make up words about it I probably don’t mean.

Just in case you don’t already have a huge boner for Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and if you’re reading this you probably do and therefore, honestly, I’m not even sure who I’m really kidding, but…) here’s a teaser for you. Enjoy.

Showtime’s got a new three-minute promo for its upcoming Montauk-set drama series charting an extramarital affair between Noah, played by Dominic West (The Wire) and Alison, played by Ruth Wilson (The Lone Ranger). Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek) and Maura Tierney (News Radio) co-star as, I presume, the husband and wife of Alison and Noah respectively. The Affair debuts Sunday, October 12 at 10pm ET/PT

via: THR

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