Agh, I can’t wait for this.

Some of you can barely take Lena Dunham for 25 minutes on her show, but you people can suck it. Here she is for a whole hour talking about eBay, Lilith Fair, Girls backlash, getting fired, her Vogue photos, her favorite blog, the paucity of female showrunners and oh so much more. Enjoy. (via: TOH)

HBO sent out this look inside last night’s terrific episode of True Detective as the show’s creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto talks about the literary inspiration for the mysterious “Yellow King.”

Check it out along with a couple of other scenes from last night’s 5th episode “The Secret Fate of All Life” after the jump.

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While you binge watch House of Cards, just a little teaser from your friends at Netflix to remind you they have more than one show.

Check it out after the jump

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