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Drag Race Recap: Flight or Fright? - Awards Daily TV

Drag Race Recap: Flight or Fright?


We’ve all had a week to recover from the (muted?) debut of LOGO’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, so, naturally, it’s time for the knives to come out, right? We’re only in week two, and it appears that the queens (or the editors) have settled in for some drama.

No one seems to like week one winner Violet Chachki, and that’s fine—she has fighting words for busty judge Michelle Visage. She has a problem being judged even though, you know, it’s a competition…did she forget that? Violet isn’t going to win herself any new fans this week since Michelle is probably the most feared and revered judge. Sorry, little girl, but in the first battle of Visage v. Violet, you’re going down. On another (lace) front, Pearl is pissed that Sasha Belle called her out for being unimpressive on the runway, and Miss Fame is a bit miffed that she didn’t win the first challenge. There needs to be drama everywhere in case some of it doesn’t work out.

The mini challenges on RPDR are not your traditional reality show challenges. Sometimes contestants have to put makeup on in the dark or two contestants have to sit on top of each other to create one dancing body…yeah. Ru introduces Moby to the Werk Room. Wait. Moby? Yes, Moby. She asks the queens if they want the Pit Crew to blow them, and they collectively raise their eyebrows. The studly Pit Crew enters with leafblowers, and they have to get blown in the face while trying to serve the best look. The montage of the queens getting blown is pretty unforgettable, even though Moby declares it “the dumbest thing he’s ever done in his entire life.” Really, sir? Dumber than sporting plaid to the gayest show on television? Trixie Mattel and Ginger Minj win the challenge and become team captains for the maxi challenge.

Spoken word drag performing is a lot harder than it looks, and RuPaul threw it at the queens in the fifth season to mixed results. Instead of just having them recite words from past seasons, however, they have to create a safety spot for Glamazonian Airways, and it includes traditional lip syncing, spoken word and choreography. When Ginger and Trixie have to select their teammates, it’s like the most embarrassing game of gay dodgeball to never happen. Kandy Ho and Violet are chosen last, and Violet is pissed. Shocker. I’ve never been this annoyed with a queen this early in the competition. Pluck that Violet right out of here!

While the queens are rehearsing, we don’t actually get an idea of how huge this challenge is until the very end. Miss Fame is called out by her fellow teammates for being just another pretty face, and her lack of ability to move her hips while learning choreography made every person at home handicap their scorecards. Jaidynn can’t seem to get the choreography either, and Ginger is worried that she put too much “solidarity in a solid girl.” Each team presents their section, and Ginger radiates enough energy to win the entire challenge. Jasmine and Kasha (who scats and molests the Pit Crew) also impress, but Katya forgets her entire monologue at the top of the presentation. It goes over like a fart in a spacesuit. Or like Miss Fame trying to pop and lock. It’s no surprise that she ends up in the bottom two. Guest judges Jordin Sparks and Olivia Newton-John (two ladies at the opposite ends of the music spectrum) were surprisingly vocal with who gave better performances. Yes, the woman from Xanadu and the girl from Sparkle gave their opinions on acting.

Who joins Katya? Well, Sasha Belle fell too under the radar, so surely Ru threw her into the bottom two while she was memorable enough to forget. Katya jumped into splits and slid into splits all the way down the runway while Sasha was weighed down by that ginormous blonde wig, so it’s no surprise that she went home. This Belle is cracked, ladies.


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