Emmy Confidential: The Actress

This is the last in our 2016 Emmy Confidential series. The Emmy Confidential series allows Emmy voters the opportunity to anonymously discuss what they voted for and why in four major Emmy categories. 
Our final post comes from a character actress whose has a prominent role on a hot new Fall cable drama. This actress considered the A-Z, Z-A ranking of nominees a non-starter and considers the noise around it silly. She is a huge fan of Game of Thrones but thinks Bates Motel (and its stars Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore) were all robbed for what she considers a classic season of television.Emmy Confidential

Drama Series – Game of Thrones

First of all, I voted for Game of Thrones because it’s an amazing hour of television literally every week. The sets, the costumes, the story, the acting… It’s literally an amazing achievement every week. That said, I’m heartbroken that “my” show Bates Motel wasn’t nominated. But, like, it’s just a popularity contest. I barely know anybody who watches it unfortunately. It’s huge on Twitter, though. I don’t get The Americans. I tried to watch the first season, but it was too slowly paced for me. Downton Abbey I haven’t watched in years. I’m a bad Emmy voter, I know, but it’s just not something that ever really catches my attention. I loved the second season of Better Call Saul because I have a massive crush on Bob Odenkirk, but who would vote for it because of that? (Laughs) I almost did though. Homeland was good this season. I have no complaints there, but it’s kind of “been there, done that.” You know? I’m obsessed with House of Cards, but it’s really not “great drama.” It’s more of a really well done political soap opera. I hope Robin Wright wins this year. She should really have at least 3 Emmys for this show. Mr. Robot was the show all my friends talked about this year, and I liked it. I absolutely hate the second season, though. Good luck next year, guys.

Comedy Series – black-ish

black-ish is the funniest show on network television. Hands down. I thought Veep was great this season. That “Congressional Ball” episode was amazing, especially when Julia (Louis-Dreyfus) dressed that congresswoman down. They won last year, though, and I have a problem with repeat winners. Yeah, I know I voted for Game of Thrones, but there weren’t really any other dramas I felt could compete. black-ish needs this win this year. We need to celebrate its diversity and different perspectives as much as possible. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt felt like a step down in Season 2. They totally wasted Lisa Kudrow, too, when they had her ride roller coasters at Universal. What the fuck was that all about? Tina Fey was fun though. Transparent shouldn’t be in this category because it’s not a comedy. Next please. I don’t personally find Silicon Valley all that funny in Season 3. They focused on Richard too much. I’ll still watch it, but not enough to vote for it. (Laughs) What the hell is Modern Family doing here still? I love Aziz Ansari, and I almost voted for Master of None. It’s too soon, though. It was a sweet show, but it’s not as good as both black-ish or Veep.

Limited Series – The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

I’m so glad American Horror Story: Hotel wasn’t here. It would be ridiculous putting that up against The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. I voted for that, of course, because it’s amazing in literally every way. I worship Sarah Paulson, and her Marcia Clark was a revelation to me as an actress. I would have killed for that role. There really isn’t any competition here. Fargo was really kind of great up until the finale, which I thought they completely botched. The Night Manager was something I didn’t really want to watch, but I did because a friend of mine knows Tom Hiddleston. I liked it, but I multi-tasked through it. Did I tell you I’m a bad Emmy voter? Roots was fantastic but so hard to watch. I’m glad they remade it, and I’m a little surprised it didn’t get more nominations.

TV Movie – A Very Murray Christmas

Did I tell you I was a bad Emmy voter? I didn’t really love or even like anything in this category. I voted for A Very Murray Christmas because… ok this is really shallow… but I love Christmas. And I love variety shows like that, which is pretty hard to pull off without making it seem fake. Does that make sense? It was a very honest sort of call-back to variety shows of the 70’s. I think that was cool and different. All the Way and Confirmation were just sort of made to win Emmys. I didn’t see Luther or Sherlock. People are going to get mad at me when I say this, but I just didn’t care. They both sat at the bottom of the pile for a solid month.

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