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September Netflix

September Netflix offerings include Luke Cage, the latest Marvel series

September Netflix offerings range from the “can’t miss” (Narcos Season 2) to the “just can’t” (don’t beat me up Luke Cage). All kidding aside, this month in the streaming giant provides a fairly robust variety of television to satisfy almost every palate. Take a look at a few of the more significant September Netflix offerings. These should keep you set until October brings Mascots.

Narcos Season 2 (September 2)

Netflix tried very hard to get the Television Academy excited about its critically acclaimed drug series, but some things were not meant to be. Still, Narcos provides high quality entertainment (because there’s not enough out there, right? *wink wink nudge nudge*), and Season 2 looks of similar quality.


ARQ (September 16)

I haven’t heard of this film, but here’s Netflix’s description: In a dystopian future, an engineer trapped in a house and surrounded by a mysterious gang of masked intruders must protect a technology that could deliver unlimited energy and end the wars that have consumed the world. Ok. When is Stranger Things coming back?

Easy Season 1 (September 22)

Easy is an anthology series not currently produced by Ryan Murphy. That not enough to entice you? It stars Orlando Bloom, Malin Akerman, Jake Johnson, Marc Maron, Dave Franco, Hannibal Buress, Emily Ratajkowski, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Aya Cash and Elizabeth Reaser. The 8-episode series brings Chicago to life with a story about “love, sex, technology and culture.” It also hails from Joe Swanberg (Drinking BuddiesV/H/S). This one feels like a Megan McLachlan special.


Luke Cage Season 1 (September 30)

Luke Cage puts Jessica Jones’s fuck buddy into his own TV show. I’m sure there are Marvel people out there who clutched their pearls at my description of this show. Such is life. Luke Cage stars Mike Colter at the titular indestructible man. Sorry but this feels a little like something we have to slog through to get to The Defenders, but I could be 100 percent wrong about this. Still, the trailer doesn’t provide much evidence to the contrary.

And the best of the rest…

Chef’s Table France, September 2

Extremis, September 13

Cedric the Entertainer: Live from the Ville, September 16

The White Helmets, September 16

Audie & Daisy, September 23

Iliza: Confirmed Kills, September 23

Longmire, September 23

Amanda Knox, September 30

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