Five Crazy Golden Globes Scenarios That Might Just Happen

The Golden Globes have always been known as one of the more amusing awards shows because of their ability to booze up their guests and turn the ceremony into more of a carefree party. The Globes can also be one of the more fun awards ceremonies to watch because of their commitment to surprising everyone with wins that seemingly come out of nowhere. Unlike other voting groups, the Globes always find ways to shock viewers with wins like Jacqueline Bisset and Ruth Wilson. Here are five scenarios hardly being talked about that might just happen Sunday evening.

  1. Narcos wins Best Drama Series and/or Best Drama Actor

When predicting the Globes you can never count out the foreign ‘F’ in HFPA. The Foreign Press loves to vote for films and series that have an international appeal. Just last year two of the biggest shockers were Joanne Froggatt (Supporting Actress for Downton Abbey) and Maggie Gyllenhaal (Lead Actress in a Limited Series for The Honourable Woman). Even on the film side The Grand BUDAPEST Hotel beat out the frontrunner Birdman for Best Comedy/Musical. Of the five nominees, Narcos has the most international appeal and might just pick up some votes for that alone. Filmed and set in Colombia, Narcos follows the life of infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escabar. Narcos and Wagner Moura also benefit from being the only representation of a streaming show in their categories.

Golden Globes

  1. Rachel Bloom wins Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical

Rachel Bloom has the perfect concoction of every element the HFPA loves. She is the young up-and-comer in a category of three veteran actresses, her show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is in its first season, and she is the star of a musical. The combination of these three elements might be to golden for voters to pass up. In a category over-saturated with veteran actresses like Louis-Dreyfus, Tomlin, and Curtis, Bloom really stands out. The fact that she is in a musical only helps. In recent years the HFPA has nominated musically inclined shows like Nashville, Smash, Empire, and even awarding Glee three wins over the years (not to mention the preference for musicals over on the film side). Bloggers and pundits have been quick to dismiss her because of the lack of a nomination for the series but in a category where most actresses are their series only nomination anything can happen.

  1. Oscar Isaac rides the love for Star Wars all the way to a win for Best Actor in a Limited Series/TV Movie

Oscar Isaac’s nomination for his leading role in Show Me a Hero is easy to dismiss. He is the only nomination for a limited series that came and went quietly in August and the Globes don’t necessarily respond well to small projects about American politics. In fact it would have been all too easy to completely dismiss him until you consider his secret weapon, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The HFPA voted on their nominations weeks before any of the members had the chance to see the The Force Awakens. Now that they have all seen the newest installment they might be desperate to get one of the new stars on their stage before any other voting group gets the chance. Voting for Oscar Isaac (even for a role not associated with the franchise) would give the HFPA the chance to say they awarded the member of the Hollywood A-List before anyone else thought to.

Golden Globes

  1. HBO will go home empty handed for the first time in 25 Years

HBO is known for changing the television landscape with breakthrough shows and iconic TV movies and miniseries and because of that they have been amply rewarded throughout awards season. Their ability to campaign with the HFPA has led the network to win a Golden Globe every year since 1991. To put that in perspective myself, Emma Roberts, and Shailene Woodley have never lived in a world where HBO went home empty handed. The big narrative at the Globes this year is clearly the rise of streaming networks like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu which means the winning streak of HBO might be coming to an end. The HFPA cut the number of HBO nominations in half compared to last year and didn’t even nominate them in the TV Movie/Limited Series category that they usually dominate. Don’t be surprised if the HFPA decides to primarily reward streaming networks, forcing HBO to go home empty handed for the first time in 25 years.

  1. Streaming sites will have a big night but Netflix’s only win will be in a movie category

Streaming websites are having their biggest year to date by dominating headlines, critics’ lists, and awards shows. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have a combined 15 nominations at the Golden Globes this year. Netflix, the pioneering streaming content provider, has gained acclaim for shows like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black. This year the leading streaming service faces a lot of competition from streaming and premium networks and could potentially go home empty handed. If The HFPA lets voters look at their ballots and want to reward Netflix in a big way they could vote for Idris Elba for his role in Beasts of No Nation. Netflix made a big gamble this year by producing their first major film and rewarding them with a win in a film category would keep both the Globes and Netflix in the conversation for the changing entertainment landscape.


Obviously it would be impossible for all five of these scenarios to happen. Oscar Isaac can’t win while HBO simultaneously loses. However, all five of these scenarios represent the ways that HFPA voters think and reward the industry. HFPA members love to lead the conversation with their surprising choices and there are dozens of scenarios that could happen that no one is talking about. What “no guts, no glory” prediction are you currently convinced will happen? Let us know in the comments below!

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