Kennedy and Moye Predict the Emmys: Comedy

Here’s part 3 of my and Clarence’s look at tomorrow’s Emmy nominations. Check out our movie/miniseries picks here, the variety/reality/animation picks here, the drama picks here and last but not least, Megan and Joey’s picks here.


Outstanding Comedy Series

Moye: I’m most uncertain about Girls here. As I’ve said before, I was a huge fan of Season Three, which I felt was more mature, more consistent, and had several brilliant episodes from which Emmy voters could choose. Beach House alone should have been enough to guarantee the nomination. Spoilers here would be Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which I’ve never seen) or Silicon Valley (which I don’t think will fly with Emmy voters due to a complete lack of buzz despite critical acclaim). I’ll leave out my usual bitching about Orange is the New Black being a comedy. I’m sure people are tired of hearing me beat the shit out of that dead horse. Personal Wish: Parks and Recreation may be six years old, but the show is my equivalent of comfort food.

  • Girls
  • Louie
  • Modern Family
  • Orange is the New Black
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Veep


Kennedy: I have a feeling Girls is going to get kicked to the curb too. I’ve heard a lot of people say they hated it and it seems like Dunham still hasn’t been forgiven for being called “the voice of her generation.” I loved though how the more people bitched about her taking her clothes off, the more she took her clothes off. F you, TV public! I wish people had watched Broad City. I might’ve even liked it better than Veep.

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Louie
  • Girls
  • Veep


Moye: You really hate Modern Family, don’t you? There’s no way it’s getting left out, but I applaud your conviction. I’d love to see Veep take it home this year.

Kennedy: Truth be told, while Modern Family stopped being funny a couple of seasons ago, I don’t hate it. I just think there are too many good shows out there for it to continue getting penciled in. Something has to be left out and it’s either that or Big Bang Theory. Between the two, I’d rather see Modern Family get the nomination, but for whatever reason I predicted the opposite. You’re right though. They’re both getting in.


Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Moye: Four out of the six nominees are locked and loaded. Andy Samberg seems like a good bet for at least a nomination after his surprise Golden Globe win earlier in the year. It’s the sixth slot that feels like the wild card among the bunch. Buzz has Robin Williams taking it, but I’m not convinced his performance in the low-rated and now-cancelled The Crazy Ones is strong enough to outlast the stink of the show. Michael J Fox falls into the same trouble for his show, but I’m thinking his popularity with the Academy and their desire to reward his bravery for making show about Parkinson’s brings home the nomination. Personal Wish: He’s traditionally pushed in the Supporting Actor category without success, but Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman boasts a more significant presence on the show than either Rob Lowe or Adam Scott.

  • Louis CK, Louis
  • Don Cheadle, House of Lies
  • Michael J Fox, The Michael J. Fox Show
  • Matt LeBlanc, Episodes
  • Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory
  • Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Kennedy: I don’t really have a strong opinion here, though I’d love to see the Big Bang Theory reign come to an end. Nothing against Parsons, but I’d rather see him win for A Normal Heart. I’d love to see Louis C.K. take it even though I struggle with his show. I don’t think I want to live in a world where Samberg has an Emmy.

  • Jim Parsons – Big Bang Theory
  • Louis C.K. – Louie
  • Andy Samberg – Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Jonathan Groff – Looking
  • Thomas Middleditch – Silicon Valley
  • Don Cheadle – House of Lies


Moye: You’re being very optimistic about Groff in Looking. I will agree that there’s a wide-open race for the sixth slot, but I don’t think Groff comes anywhere close to filling it. I did toy with someone from Silicon Valley in here, but I’m sticking with sentiment for Michael J. Fox for now.

Kennedy: Optimism isn’t quite the right word since I’m not necessarily rooting for Groff. I just want to see things get shaken up. Same with the Middleditch pick.

Selina signs her book

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Moye: The nominees hardly matter, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the win. But I am banking on McLendon-Covey to receive a nomination for her showy role in the 80s-era sitcom The Goldbergs. Schilling gets in on the overall strength of the show even though, at least in my opinion, her performance is the weakest aspect of Season One. Personal Wish: I’d really love to see Wendi McLendon-Covey receive some career recognition after years of working hard in shows like Reno 911! and in films like Bridesmaids.

  • Lena Dunham, Girls
  • Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
  • Wendi McLendon-Covey, The Goldbergs
  • Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation
  • Taylor Schilling, Orange is the New Black


Kennedy: Just for the record, Ilana Glazer probably doesn’t have a hope in hell of getting a nomination, but again with the wishful thinking. I’ll be fine when Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins.

  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Veep
  • Ilana Glazer – Broad City
  • Lena Dunham – Girls
  • Emmy Rossum – Shameless
  • Amy Poehler – Parks and Recreation
  • Edie Falco – Nurse Jackie


Moye: I’m surprised you left off Taylor Schilling, but I do there’s a sixth slot at play here as well. I must confess: I have never even heard of Broad City. Still, I think Louis-Dreyfus is the safest best of the year to repeat.

Kennedy: Nothing at all against Schilling, but her character is the least compelling part of Orange is the New Black. She’s likely getting a nomination though because she’s the only real lead and the show appears to have caught on. I won’t be shocked if you’re right about McLendon-Covey either. One of the problems with TV is that there’s way too goddamn much of it. It’s impossible to see everything.

tony hale

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Moye: I’m going out on two limbs here with Driver and Killam mostly because I’m railing against the perennial domination of this category by the men of Modern Family. Personal Wish: Oh where to start… Reid Scott for Veep. Max Greenfield in New Girl. Even Chris Pratt for Parks and Recreation. Any new blood at all…

  • Andre Braugher, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Ty Burrell, Modern Family
  • Adam Driver, Girls
  • Tony Hale, Veep
  • Taran Killam, Saturday Night Live
  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family


Kennedy: I’m rooting for Timothy Simons even though he didn’t even get nominated last year. Ryantology is the source of infinite laughter. I threw in Christopher Evan Welch because A) he was supposedly the standout on Silicon Valley and B) because of his untimely passing. I limited my Modern Family picks to just one in this category which I know is probably folly, but as I said above there’s just too much good stuff right now and it’s time for a changing of the guard. Having said that, Burrell is the only consistently funny part of the show so he still gets in.

  • Christopher Evan Welch – Silicon Valley
  • Ty Burrell – Modern Family
  • Andre Braugher – Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Adam Driver – Girls
  • Taran Killam – Saturday Night Live
  • Timothy C. Simons – Veep


Moye: Ha. We both went with Taran Killam when I thought I was being all suave. Did you mean to leave off Tony Hale from Veep? I can’t see him getting left out even though I would make a valiant attempt at a back flip if Simons got in. No one made me laugh harder all year.

Kennedy: Killam is the only consistently amusing part of SNL right now except for the always reliable Weekend Update. I don’t think he’s quite reached Bill Hader levels, but he’s on his way. The only reason I left off Hale is because he won last year and I wanted to make room for Simons. I’ll be fine with either one because they’re hilarious. Hale is kind of repeating his Arrested Development shtick though whereas Simons brings something new.


Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Moye: Personal Wish: This is a really, really tough category filled with wonderful female performances. It could be easily populated by 2 or 3 more women from Orange is the New Black, but I’d dance a mighty jig if Zosia Mamet received a nomination for her stellar work this year in Girls, particularly in her delivery of this line: “Seriously, I have never met anyone who thinks their life is so fucking fascinating. I wanted to fall asleep in my own vomit all day listening to you talk about how you bruise more easily than other people.” Sigh.

  • Mayim Bialik, The Big Bang Theory
  • Julie Bowen, Modern Family
  • Anna Chlumsky, Veep
  • Allison Janney, Mom
  • Kate Mulgrew, Orange is the New Black
  • Merritt Wever, Nurse Jackie


Kennedy: Yes, I’d love to see Zosia get a nomination and I ALMOST picked her. That line and many others were what kept Girls grounded this year. The whole scene where she basically calls bullshit on everyone was spectacular.

  • Merritt Weaver – Nurse Jackie
  • Allison Janney – Mom
  • Kate Mulgrew – Orange is the New Black
  • Mayim Balik – Big Bang Theory
  • Julie Bowen – Modern Family
  • Anna Chlumsky – Veep


Moye: We matched perfectly here. Either we are incredibly intelligent or this category is super easy. I still feel strange about only including Mulgrew from Orange given the wide variety of compelling performances. Would the Emmys recognize Laverne Cox here?

Kennedy: While I love a bunch of the supporting parts and they’re what make the show great, Mulgrew is the standout for me in a great ensemble. In fact, I kind of wish there WAS an ensemble category because Orange would be a terrific choice. I could see Cox getting in and she probably should as one of the big highlights of the first season, but I’m not sure Emmy is that forward thinking. (Update: I’m told by a reader that Cox is eligible this year in the guest actress category. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she gets a nomination)

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