Podcast Preview: Songs in a TV Key

Monday’s Water Cooler Podcast features a deep-dive into a topic equally loved and loathed by many: the television musical. We will explore the various ways music is used within television shows from the furthering the plot kind (the Buffy musical episode) to the diversification of income kind (Glee’s penchant for selling hundreds of thousands of tracks on iTunes). In addition to Buffy and Glee, we’re also going to look at the infamous Smash, the spectacular failure Cop Rock, and the music-filled and musical Grey’s Anatomy. In addition, we’ll look at how music drives current shows like Empire, American Horror Story, and the upcoming Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Join us on Monday and warm your vocal chords. We know you’ve got a spring in your step and a song in your heart. Or, at the very least, complete disdain for those things.

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    Eoin Daly 7 years ago

    Musical centred shows and special musical episodes range in quality with terrible products being produced for both (Smash and Grey’s Anatomy) and the great (Glee (earlier on) and Buffy). As a massive musical fan I don’t mind a character just breaking out into song because I get a lot of fun from it. My greatest memory of a musical episode is with Buffy a show I love so much. In terms of modern musical television for me it works more for a moment rather then an entire episode. Tina Fey shows usually produce great musical moments these days from the more emotional “Rural Juror” to the greatly funny “Peeno Noir”. Can’t wait for this podcast especially to hear some great musical tv moments.

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