Review: Broadchurch ‘Episode Six’

So Tom Miller is on the stand, and boy does he know how to throw a spanner in the works. Firstly, telling the court that Mark Latimer and he had hung out in Susan’s caravan, then pretty much implying Mark’s guilt in Danny Latimer’s death. Even Joe, the man who murdered Danny remember, looks like he finds this a bit weird. Some twisted loyalty to your guilty father there, Tom. The poor boy, who must be confused to say the least, soon backtracks apologetically when questioned by Jocelyn.

So that’s Mark off the hook then. Well, not quite. He is called to the stand, and pushed into a corner he has to declare he was having sex with Becca (the Traders Hotels owner) on the night of Danny’s death. But also says he was going to write a letter to his wife Beth saying they were through – their marriage was done. Even though this was clearly an over-emotional mistake of the moment, it is still awfully shocking news for Beth, and she reacts accordingly so.


Ellie consoles Beth outside the courtroom. She has had just about enough now. Ellie finally puts her screaming foot down with Tom, over-powering him with her anguish, and ultimately motherly love. Colman is stunning here, even I trembled a little, and not sure how she has anything left in the tank. Terrifically powerful acting, hard to fathom where Colman ends and Ellie begins.

Sharon’s harassment of nearly every resident of Broadchurch on the stand is not only getting a little tiring, but actress Baptiste is unable to be borderline over the top at times. Jocelyne confirms her failing eyesight, the reason she had stopped working for so long. Later she gets a phone call that her mother has passed away. When it rains it pours.

Also smelling of remorse is Claire, when DI Hardy finally calls her to tell her he is basically washing his protective hands of her. Claire takes this rather badly, trashing the kitchen in actions that just feel a little over the top – even for The Incredible Hulk. After that very phone call, Hardy gets a nod of approval by Ellie. Ah, I see what they are doing. Provoking an out-of-the-ordinary reaction. Clever. Did I forget to mention Hardy is also dragging his unfaithful wife back into the investigation, and is having a pacemaker fitted?

The imagery surrounding Hardy with the field of bluebells and the water pouring from his jacket (he was the one that pulled the dead Pippa from the lake) is also getting a little too psychedelic. The significant chunk of this blends during Hardy’s operation, and rather effectively. Just feels a little too far from reality at times. As for the music, it seems to be over-powering the actual volume of the drama itself from time to time. What is consistent is the gorgeous photography, continuing to be so pleasing to the eye with practically every frame in its scope, in the midst of the heavy emotive content.


Claire gets screwed again by Lee (though figuratively speaking not fully aware who is screwing who). I am not really sure at times if they even need to be in this show. That whole Sandbrook backstory is clinging on for dear life. Ellie later sees a photo of Claire wearing the pendant, which Claire soon burns, and we see in yet another flashback that it was Claire who took the pendant from the car.

Clergyman Paul also insists he can not help Joe any further with his guidance if he does not take responsibility for what he has done. And for some reason Ollie (the journalist) is hooking up with Abby (Sharon’s assistant) who easy-as-pie offers him sex because she has not had it for ages. Have I missed a couple of episodes? Or am I watching a different show? Oh, of course, Abby wants to snoop through Ollie’s things. She later tells Sharon “I think I might have something. Could be juicy.” Let’s hope so.

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