Review: Orphan Black, Season Three ‘Episode Two’

Yes, indeed, yet another gripping episode of Orphan Black. The Castor brothers take center stage then, you know, the one weird one (his name is Rudy) and the one with the little moustache (that would be Seth). They are now sharing a sexual conquest it seems, though the young woman involved seems surprised, obviously, as there was only one when they started going at it.

Paul, who seems to be a leader of sorts, turns up the next day to run some intelligence tests on Rudy and Seth – the latter seems to be glitching. The two of them later break into Felix’s apartment, and it turns out they are looking for Duncan’s research. I would assume to both figure where they came from as well as find out what is wrong with Seth.

Meanwhile Sarah, who hates surprises, and little Kira are shown around Cal’s new house. How can he afford that you might wonder. A game of indoor hockey is interrupted by a call from Art (the detective, remember?) claiming there had been reported sightings of the Castor brothers when the girl comes forward. It seems the brothers took a bunch of her hair too. Sarah adopts the Beth Childs moniker temporarily to question the girl.

Cosima and her lab assistant / associate / co-conspirator Scott have a meeting with Dr Nealon where they discover that the Duncans may have take the original source data for the clones to their grave. The good news is that Cosima is looking well. Alison is running for school trustee, and wants her (former) pill-getter dealer Ramone’s drug business. Donnie is hesitant, but Alison reassures him – this corrupting for the purpose of votes means she seems to have the most normal of lives of the Leda clones.

And just when I thought the pacing was perhaps slowing down, we jump in to Helena being tortured – waterboarding no less. A horrifying moment, not made any easier by the prospect of Zero Dark Thirty mud-slinger Glenn Greenwald watching this and destroying any Emmy chances the show had. So Helena is being held at a military base, mothered by a certain Dr Virginia Coady who puts a halt on the torture proceedings by informing that Helena is pregnant. When the military-clad Castor (do we know his name?) meets the ever charming Helena, she tells him, “I met your brother. He’s ugly.” Brilliant. She is also accompanied by that scorpion again, asking about mangos. Is that you too Tatiana Maslany?

Siobhan is feeling she may be losing Kira and Sarah following her “betrayal,” and the solid, reliable Felix comforts her. Sarah agrees to visit Mrs. S again eventually in an attempt to help find Paul (the logical if unappealing link to where Helena might be). Of course Paul shows up wielding a gun at Cal’s instead, and we discover Cal is a person of interest (and not because he is a clone of Daario Naharis in Game of Thrones). Sarah does not know this it seems. The person of interest part I mean. Let’s not get any further confused.

Rudy has a gun, and goes after Sarah and Kira while Seth confronts Cal. Seth’s malfunction though lands him on his back before he can do anything. Shockingly, considering a strong brotherly bond, Rudy shoots him dead. Nobody saw that coming. While the waters are a little more settled, Sarah is packing Kira off to Iceland with Cal. It’s a refreshingly touching moment because we warm up to the potential they might have a regular life one day, you know, like running a bath, but it has to be put on hold once again. Sarah is to seek out the Prolethean clone Mark (who married young Gracie), and we join him as he attempts to burn off his horse tattoo that the Castors seem to share. Ouch.

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