201 Days of The X-Files

Beyond the Sea

One of AwardsDaily TV's own guests on 'The X-Cast,' a podcast dedicated to an exploration of 'X-Files' episodes - this time, 'Beyond the Sea.'
The Truth

Much is made of explaining 'The Truth' in this super-sized series finale to 'The X-Files' in which Fox Mulder - and ultimately the series - are put on trial.
Sunshine Days

'X-Files' MVP Vince Gilligan writes/directs his last episode in 'Sunshine Days,' a wild oddity about a mysterious man and his Brady Bunch-influenced home.

'Release' details John Doggett's struggle to find his son's killer and the possibly supernatural forces at play that helped him gain closure.

'William' closes the book on the saga of Dana Scully's child in an effective and emotional manner thanks to David Duchovny's sensitive direction. It just took forever to get there.
Jump the Shark

'Jump the Shark' is one of the more controversial episodes of 'The X-Files' because it climaxes in the series's first death of a major/recurring character.
Scary Monsters

In 'Scary Monsters,' the things under your bed are real. And they're created by a little boy with an overactive (and deadly) imagination.

'Improbable' plays the numbers and comes up snake eyes in an episode dedicated to numerology, Burt Reynolds, artificial sets, annoying Euro-pop music, and Chris Carter's manic whimsy.

A case from John Doggett's past continues to haunt him in 'Underneath,' a confounding episode that fails to fully explore its own logic as it rips off the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Audrey Pauley

'Audrey Pauley' is another Reyes-focused episode where she teeters between life and death with only a simple-minded volunteer to connect her to the real world.

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