201 Days of The X-Files

One Breath

Dana Scully returns and teeters on the brink of life and death in this poignant and transformative 'One Breath.'

The dull and dated '3' brings 'The X-Files' to new lows after Dana Scully's dramatic disappearance. This one is best fast-forwarded through.

Dana Scully is abducted - most definitely by Duane Barry and potentially by aliens - as Gillian Anderson finally goes on a well deserved maternity leave in 'Ascension.'

In the series' first 2-part episode, potential alien abductee Duane Barry holds court with a gun in a travel agency while Mulder tries to determine the truth.

'Sleepless' is a perfectly ordinary, run of the mill episode elevated by an excellently creepy central performance by Tony Todd.

'Blood' steps away from the supernatural and finds the terror in the everyday, ordinary ways we live our lives.

'The X-Files' delivers what will prove to be perhaps its most iconic character, the thoroughly disgusting Flukeman, in 'The Host.'

'Little Green Men' starts the second season with an episode dedicated to Mulder's teetering on the brink of hopelessness and self-doubt and the events that bring him back.

'The Erlenmeyer Flask' closes the first season with an episode fully dedicated to the government alien mythology that will populate the series for years to come.

A mentally challenged janitor may hold the key to scientific advancements in aeronautics in 'Roland.' Now, if he could only quit that pesky murdering habit...

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