201 Days of The X-Files


'Providence' wraps another 'X-Files' mythology episode by providing more mystery, more confusion, more mythology, more UFO. It's becoming exhausting.

'Provenance' brings back a late-season 'X-Files' mythology staple, the UFO engraved with scientific and, most importantly, Biblical markings. Scully continues her quest for answers about her son.

'Hellbound' pits Reyes, Doggett, and Scully against a mysterious serial killer with an uncanny penchant for removing human flesh.
John Doggett

Doggett awakens in an off-the-map Mexican town without his memory or identification in 'John Doe,' a nice piece for actor Robert Patrick as written by Vince Gilligan.
Dana Scully

The phantom of Fox Mulder looms heavily over 'Trust No 1' as 'The X-Files' continues to perplex with its super soldier mythology.
X-Files Lord of the Flies

'The X-Files' balances humor and gross-out effects in a fairly compelling teen angst love story that remains solid due to its strong performances.
X-Files 4D

'4-D' gives Annabeth Gish an opportunity to shine as Monica Reyes is accused of shooting Agent Doggett and paralyzing him.

A brilliant but deranged professor toys with the FBI in 'Daemonicus,' a spin on 'Silence of the Lambs' with a little Satanic spin tossed in for bad measure.
Nothing Important Happened Today

'Nothing Important Happened Today,' but please don't tell me the new 'X-Files' series involves super soldiers. Please tell me they're gone...
Nothing Important Happened Today

'The X-Files' begins its ninth and final season with Mulder and Scully officially replaced on the X-files by John Doggett and Monica Reyes in 'Nothing Important Happened Today.'

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