201 Days of The X-Files


'The X-Files' tries on an unusual case, a serial killer with the ability to generate and control fire. As a result, the results are intriguing and off-beat.

Mulder and Scully investigate genetically engineered killers in 'Eve,' a creepy and engaging episode that focuses less on supernatural terror and more on biological terror.
Fallen Angel

'Fallen Angel' is a better variation on 'The X-Files' alien mythology. It's light on explanation, but it feels more coherent and focused than recent outings.

Even 'X-Files' obsessives would have a hard time covering for 'Space,' surely an early candidate for the worst episode of the series.

The X-Files returns to excellence with 'Ice,' a terrifying episode that relies more on interpersonal tension than shocking gore.
Ghost in the Machine

The X-Files drops a huge turd of an episode in its seventh outing, 'Ghost in the Machine.'

FOX brass wanted Mulder and Scully to help people more often, which gives us a big bag of bland in 'Shadows.'
Jersey Devil

Mulder hunts a mysterious wild woman while Scully's biological clock starts tickin' like crazy in 'The Jersey Devil.'

On Day Four, The X-Files delivers its first sketchy episode, one that lingers heavily in melodrama and questionable gender politics, with 'Conduit.'

The X-Files breaks from alien mythology and debutes its first 'monster of the week' in 'Squeeze,' an excellent outing dedicated to the gruesomeness and practicality of Tooms.

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