201 Days of The X-Files


Reyes and Scully hide away in an abandoned town to deliver Scully's child (re: Jesus) in 'Existence,' the eight season finale of the long-standing series.

Scully's unexpected pregnancy becomes the focus of multiple conspirators as 'The X-Files' begins the eighth season wind down with 'Essence.'

'Alone' offers a 'monster of the week' storyline that deliberately and fondly calls back to similar stories of 'The X-Files' significant past.

The black oil makes its final series appearance in 'Vienen' as Fox Mulder hands the keys to the X-files over to Agent Doggett.

'The X-Files' digs into Doggett's past and explores the death of his young son through a potentially connected case.

Denied return to active duty, Mulder embarks on his own quest to uncover potential new evidence of further alien colonization. Clarence has more than 'Three Words' for this overstuffed episode.

Doggett, Scully, and Skinner all work to save Mulder from potentially becoming another alien-human hybrid in 'Deadalive.'

Fox Mulder (eventually) returns in a compelling abduction mythology episode.
Per Manum

'The X-Files' returns to the structure and rhythms of a mythology-based episode... as much as it can given that the only mythology left in the series is that of Scully's unborn child.

Much to my disappointment, 'Medusa' doesn't feature a snake-headed woman turning people to stone. It does feature, however, a fantastic and atmospheric set design that makes up for a subpar monster of the week.

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