201 Days of The X-Files

The Gift

'The Gift' is a pleasant surprise, an 'X-Files' episode that does everything its predecessor 'Badlaa' failed to accomplish.

Definitely among the lower quality episodes of 'The X-Files,' 'Badlaa' offers a confusing and improbable villain underscored by an uncomfortable undercurrent of xenophobia.

'The X-Files' returns to a more typical episode worthy of comparison to its earlier days in 'Salvage' while still not achieving those heights.

'Surekill' features two brothers whose exterminator racket is more than meets the eye... Pun fully intended.
Via Negativa

Agent Doggett takes center stage in 'Via Negativa,' an episode that elevates an average story with effective combinations of lighting and music to generate a perfect (and perfectly unsettling) atmosphere.

Nope, it's not a take on 'The Shining.' Instead, a man arrested for murdering his wife lives each day in reverse, hoping his memory will provide clues to the killer.

'The X-Files' returns to the creepy child genre with 'Invocation,' a story that goes to such great lengths to deepen its central mystery that it fails to crawl out from it.

Vince Gilligan relies on tired cliches to amp the horror in 'Roadrunners' where a mysterious cult kidnaps Scully.

'The X-Files' returns to a more traditional 'Monster of the Week' story line coupled with Scully and Doggett's differing investigatory styles. 'Patience' tries to reach the heights of 'Home' but fails completely.

Scully and Skinner fight the bounty hunter and overall paranoia in the compelling 'Without.'

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