Aspects of Love

Mulder and Scully

'The X-Files' Mulder and Scully's relationship leaves much to the imagination, but fleeting moments of friendship (and more) illustrate one of TV's greatest couples.

On this week's Water Cooler Podcast, we celebrate Valentine's Day with an early podcast dedicated to the Love on TV Quiz. Play along at home as Megan defends her ADTV pop quiz crown.

Jalal Haddad looks into why 'Lost' Rose and Bernard's love matters more to him than any other couple in recent television memory.
brad and ted

In ADTV's latest Aspects of Love entry, Megan takes a look at Brad and Ted from the 90s-era Nickelodeon sitcom 'Hey Dude.'
The Simpsons

Some romances are painfully one-sided. 'The Simpsons' honors Valentine's Day with a poignant episode about Ralph Wiggum's infatuation for Lisa Simpson.

Robin Write takes a look at the two great loves of Sam Malone's life - Diane Chambers and Rebecca Howe - in ADTV's 'Cheers' to Valentine's Day.

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