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Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer of the 'Crash Test' Comedy Central special talk driving around in a glass bus, being bullies, and coming for Kennedy Center Honors.

The second season of Comedy Central's brilliant Review comes to a close tonight at 10pm. Don't know it? ADTV's Megan McLachlan thinks you should, particularly if you know Walter White.

South Park launches its nineteenth season premiere by firing Principal Victoria and hiring a new, more politically correct principal, literally named P.C. Principal. The opening flashes back to some of the inflammatory animated series’s most offensive moments, including the owner of ...

Comedy Central's Another Period is a witty addition to its edgy comedy lineup.

Comedy Central has tapped Jon Stewart's replacement.

In its second season finale, Broad City warrants multiple viewings for its real value: it perfectly captures the soul of this great show.

Comedy Central recently greenlit a show for comedian Hannibal Buress, who plays Lincoln on Broad City. So does this mean Ilana’s fuck buddy dentist will be leaving the series? If “Coat Check” is any indication, there are other fish (to fuck) ...

Last fall, The Mindy Project quite inelegantly handled the taboo subject of buttsex in an episode that culminated in Mindy roofying herself in order to go through with the act (pretty irresponsible, even for a fictional OBGYN). Interestingly enough, it ...

Transparent, Amazon’s comedy drama from Jill Soloway starring Jeffrey Tambor as a father who comes out as transgender, came away with 4 Dorian awards from the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA) today. The show won TV Comedy of ...

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