Emmy Spotlight

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' feels like a long shot for Emmy. But even though the deck seems stacked against it, it still feels like a classic underdog story.

'Girls' ends its latest season as something of a revelation. Will Emmy respond to the emotional maturity the series offers in its fifth outing?

'Confirmation' takes a safe route through the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas sexual harassment scandal of the early 1990s.
11.22.63 finale

The '11.22.63' finale raised a lot of questions, including whether it's a love story or a sci-fi thriller? ADTV's Megan McLachlan flashes back to Monday.

Disney's 'Descendants' performed strongly at craft guild awards this year. Will the highly rated television musical see similar success at the Emmys?
American Crime Story

What are the Emmy prospects of FX's 'American Crime Story' leading into its second episode? Is the entire cast bound for Emmy glory along with its creator?

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