Summer TV is upon us and two early entries - ABC's The Whispers and FOX's Wayward Pines - are showing positive results.

Like a moth to a giant deadly bug zapper, we return to yet another Ryan Murphy production. Dammit.

The 26th season finale of The Simpsons sees Groundskeeper Willie become the coach of Lisa's mathletes team in an episode that brings back a tiny bit of the old magic.

Ryan Murphy’s next horror project, Scream Queens, has released another trailer – this one titled “Pledges.” Scream Queens premieres in Fall 2015 on FOX.

Marge initiates anti-bullying legislation that ultimately deepens the conflict between Ned Flanders and Homer.

Here are the most recent network cancellations, complete with dashes of snark.

I’m at a loss for word on how completely unremarkable and flaccid tonight’s episode of The Simpsons was. I mean, I understand the common thought around recent years is that none of the newer episodes measure up to the classics we ...

The Simpsons serves up a flashback episode, exploring the origins of Bart and Lisa's sibling feuds. As if that needed explaining...

Proving to be pretty much exactly what we expected, Ryan Murphy's Fall TV series Scream Queens gets an early look in this week's Entertainment Weekly.

The Simpsons offers an season highlight episode that features the blossoming consciences of both Bart and Homer. Plus, an insanely cute puppy!

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