The ADTV Advent Calendar – Day 4

Lap-Dancing (New Girl) 

For a character who wears his heart reluctantly on his sleeve, Nick has a tendency to upstage himself in New Girl as his misplaced or flippant emotions often get lost in translation. And usually he makes a hash of re-establishing them. He’s an endearing character though, and even when he declares his affections towards his dancer girlfriend Angie, after he has failed to convince her or any of us he is a tough guy) admits his poorness, his lack of bravery, his terrible zombie book. The awkward lap dance he attempts to give her in front of everyone proves Nick’s heart is in the right place, though “Deck the Halls” might not be the right song. Angie soon shows him how it is done, before the side-splitting moment when Schmidt intervenes to bust his own seductive moves. Boys will be boys, but the squabbling, slapping results are hilarious.

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