The ADTV Advent Calendar – Day 9

That’s What Christmas Is For (Community)

Quirky comedy Community, which feels somewhat under-appreciated or relatively unheard of by many, really pulls out the stops with regard to shaking up its own narrative style and production format. In one particular Christmas-themed episode the show goes full stop-motion animated as we delve yet again into the unique imagination of Abed (Danny Pudi). The meaning and saviour of Christmas is winsomely heavy here in a delightfully alternative festive fable, still funny throughout, but also sprinkling plenty of excitement and moving moments. Culminating in a stand-off / musical number combo as bad wizard Duncan (John Oliver) is attempted to be gunned down by candy cane arsenal, as the community college gang in their animated forms, including fluffy bear Pierce (Chevy Chase), Brita’s toy robot (Gillian Jacobs), and music box ballerina Annie (Alison Brie). They help melt good soul Abed from the ice block that envelops him as they sing in the episode’s final sequence That’s What Christmas Is For. Well, yes, kind of.

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