‘Silicon Valley’ Season Three

Silicon Valley season three

The Silicon Valley season three trailer shows the Pied Piper gang struggling again to overcome the odds

There are two things in the Silicon Valley season three trailer that had me at generic rock music. First, Zach Woods in Pied Piper swag, a gaudy yellow concoction that naturally horrifies the rest of the crew. Second, T.J. Miller in a Pied Piper costume riding a stuffed unicorn.

Suddenly, April 24 can’t possible come any faster.

Zach Woods

When we last left the series, Pied Piper won its litigation against corporation Hooli. Raviga then snaps up the start-up and informs Richard (Thomas Middleditch) that they’re replacing him as CEO. Season three continues with Stephen Tobolowsky (Groundhog Day) joining in a recurring role as “Action” Jack Barker, the replacement CEO.

Silicon Valley premieres on HBO Sunday, April 24.

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