Water Cooler Podcast: Episode 28 – Great Expectations

On this week’s Water Cooler podcast, Joey, Megan, and Clarence talk about the phenomenon of expectations. Sometimes, we are pleasantly surprised by massively lowered expectations, but, more often that not, our great expectations of a piece of entertainment overwhelms the work and causes us to suffer disappointments. We kick off the discussion this week with Lifetime’s A Deadly Adoption which had viewers anticipating a slapstick parody of a Lifetime TV movie, which wasn’t what stars Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig had in mind when they signed up for the film. Next, we’ll dive into our own personal exceeded or underwhelmed personal expectations on various bits of entertainment, including things that we are most excited for this summer. Clearly, we never learn.

Finally, we close out the podcast with a Season Two review of HBO’s True Detective, a series that (based on early reviews) seems destined to be plagued by too-high expectations. Is this fair assessment given we’ve only been exposed to one episode? We take a deeper look into the episode and decide we might need to look again…

3:48 – A Deadly Adoption
17:18 – Great Expectations
49:18 – True Detective Season Two

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