Water Cooler Podcast: Episode 30 – Film to TV Translations

The Water Cooler podcast team – Joey, Megan, and Clarence – put on their television studio mogul hats and dive into the business of translating films into successful television series. Before we jump into identifying a few properties we’d like to see as TV series, we take a step back and explore the mechanics behind what makes a successful film-to-TV-series jump. After the successes of Bates MotelHannibal, and Fargo, what lies within a film’s DNA that helps it make the shift to television? Is there a science to it?

Once you’re done listening to the podcast, we hope you’ll comment with your personal picks of films you’d like to see as TV series. We would love to hear what you think.

2:10 – Film to TV Series Translations

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  1. Tony Botterelli 3 years ago

    Fun podcast. I’m not sure I could see Benjamin Button as a series. Or want it as a series. I would love something more like Bates Motel. What about a modern take on Vertigo?

    Keep it going!

    1. Mego 3 years ago

      Thanks! I love the idea of Hitchcock coming back to TV.

  2. Al Robinson 3 years ago

    Of your ideas, my favorite one was Grumpy Old Men. I also like the To Wong Fu idea and Benjamin Button.

    I would personally greenlight into tv shows:

    Toy Story
    The Big Lebowski

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