Water Cooler Podcast: Episode 45 – Do You Like Scary Television?

In honor of the Halloween season, the Water Cooler Podcast gang ask the question, “Are horror television shows as scary as their cinematic cousins?” Trying to eschew the more obvious examples of The Walking Dead or Penny Dreadful, we discuss examples of the television horror genre including the Season Five premiere of horror aficionado Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Hotel. We also discuss what we find scary and what television shows feed that obsession. Some of us (ahem, Megan) are lightweights and brought up non-horror Halloween favorites like It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Modern Family‘s annual Halloween episodes.

What television do you find scary? Post your favorite choices in the comments section!

Next week, we’ll continue the topic by focusing on perhaps one of the most famous television Halloween traditions in history: The Simpsons‘s “Treehouse of Horror.” So make sure you’re all caught up on your scary television as we prep ourselves for Halloween.

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