Water Cooler Podcast: Episode 52 – ‘Pushing Daisies’

We hope everyone saved room for pie!

For this week’s Water Cooler podcast, we are flashing back to revisit the critically lauded (and unjustly cancelled) two seasons of the whimsical Pushing Daisies. The show is visually stunning, quirky, and cleverly written. We will discuss what makes it special, why it didn’t catch on its earlier run, and whether or not ABC was the right network to care for an unique show such as this.

Much like the beloved Freaks & Geeks and Arrested Development (both shows we talked about before), Daisies was a lot different than anything else on television. It’s definitely a show people love, so it’s a perfect example of a show worth talking about.

In preparation for our conversation, make sure you’re familiar with at least the Pushing Daisies “Pie-lette.” We will also discuss “Bad Habits,” “Freshcorts,” “Comfort Food,” and its series finale. Try and get in as many as you can before listening to our flashback conversation.

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