Water Cooler Podcast: Episode 58 – Golden Globes Reactions

The AwardsDaily TV crew of Megan, Joey, and Clarence gather late in the night to provide their Golden Globe reactions. We run the gamut of topics from television to film. We talk about Ricky Gervais. We talk about Mel Gibson. We talk about the speeches. We talk about the winners. We talk about the losers. It’s a good ol’ time at the Cooler.

In case you missed them, here are the 2016 Golden Globe television winners. The winner of our AwardsDaily TV pool is our latest expert, Jalal Haddad, who was not invited to join the podcast tonight. It’s not because the 3 M’s are petty bastards. Really. Not even joking.

Thanks for listening as always!

Published by Clarence Moye

Clarence firmly believes there is no such thing as too much TV or film in one's life. He welcomes comments, criticisms, and condemnations on Twitter or on the web site. Just don't expect him to like you for it.