Podcast: Political Posturing on the Boob Tube


Episode 66: This week’s Water Cooler Podcast takes a political stand on House of Cards and the media coverage of the 2016 primary season

The Cooler gang brings it down a notch this week as they dive into the political. No, we’re not covering the 2016 primary season, per se. We’re covering the media coverage of the 2016 primary season. Everything from Donald Trump’s member to Bernie Sanders’s memes to Samantha Bee to just how the heck are we still dealing with Trump today. Is the media to blame for our current political state?

Before that, though, Clarence dives into House of Cards season four. It’s a spoiler-heavy conversation, so we’ve included times to avoid if you haven’t quite finished the season.

This topic proved far more fruitful than we expected it to. Will our listeners have as many opinions as we did? Send us your feedback on Twitter or in the comments below. We really want to hear your thoughts on the topic!

2:19 – House of Cards Spoiler-free territory
8:06 – Start of House of Cards SPOILERS!!!!!
17:42 – End of House of Cards SPOILERS!!!!!
20:59 – Politics and the Media

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