Best of 2016 TV at the Halfway Mark

Best of 2016 TV

Episode 83: The Cooler gang takes a look at the Best of 2016 TV thus far in the year.

On a special holiday edition of the Water Cooler Podcast, Joey, Megan, and Clarence each list their personal picks in the Best of 2016 TV halfway through the calendar year. Some of the Cooler gang had a harder time than others narrowing the field down to an acceptable five television shows. Who are the easiest lays (television speaking of course) on the Water Cooler Podcast? What shows do they all have in common? What shows will Megan ridicule? And what shows rank as the worst in the year to date? We’ll answer all of these questions and more in this week’s main segment.

As always, we close with the Flash Forward. This week, however, we offer a special Flash Forward into the back-half of 2016. We take a look at the Top Five TV shows – both new and returning – that we are most anticipating starting with the late summer into the fall television season.

Hope you enjoy, and happy Fourth of July from all of us here at the Water Cooler Podcast!

03:31 – Best of 2016 TV
53:38 – Flash Forward

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