Getting Down with Sophomore Slumps

Sophomore Slumps

Episode 92: Megan takes control as the Cooler gang tackle potential sophomore slumps for summer shows.

This week, we talk about the sophomore seasons of a slew of summer shows (say that three times fast) and whether they’re ready for junior year or need to revisit their freshman seasons for focus. Are you watching Mr. RobotDifficult PeopleCasual, or Fear the Walking Dead? Do you think these shows are avoiding sophomore slumps? We’re actually loving some of these second seasons. Join in the conversation and let us know what you think in the comments section.

We also talk about the most expensive show in TV history, Netflix’s The Get Down. We offer our review of the show and discuss whether all of the money was worth it. Plus, we also look at Emmy predictions for the Guest Comedy and Drama acting categories.

Finally, we close with the Flash Forward of what television most excites us in the upcoming week. Thanks for listening!

02:44 – Sophomore Slumps
47:23 – The Get Down
1:10:03 – Flash Forward

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  1. Avatar
    Crystal Daughtry 4 years ago

    Great pod cast… Meghan you have convenience me to give the Casual a shot. I know that none of you had a good vibe about the Get Down, I would really watch it to end, if you thought I had too many plots- it only increases through episodes 3-6. But I think the confusion and randomness is what makes it entertaining. I hope you stick it out to see when the show moves form PG-13 to Rated R, and becomes a Hip Hop “Glee” episode. Enjoyed Listening, can’t wait til the next one

    1. Avatar
      Mego 4 years ago

      Thanks for listening! I at least need to find out how The Get Down goes from PG-13 to Rated R. You’ve totally intrigued me with that! 🙂

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