Water Cooler Podcast: Episode 37 – If We Had a Ballot (Emmy Style)

This week around the Water Cooler, Joey, Megan and Clarence cast their virtual ballots for the major 2015 Emmy categories. Official Emmy voting starts today, so the Cooler gang decided to lend their expert opinions and advice to those undecided Emmy voters who may need a little assistance. Again, this episode is not designed to be a “Who Will Win” revelation – it’s just who we would vote for if we were in the Television Academy. Also, there is a little unexpected tension in the voting process…

The entire episode is dedicated to our votes, so sit back, enjoy, and send us your votes either here in the comment section or email them to Clarence to be included in a future podcast as we look to see what Awards Daily TV readers would vote for if you, too, had ballots.

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Just as a reminder that on Labor Day’s podcast, we will be kicking off another Water Cooler Flashback with Arrested Development Season Four. Make sure you’ve caught up to it on Netflix so you too can follow along at home.

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