Weinstein Co. To Offer ‘In Cold Blood’ TV Event Series

Variety reported today that the Weinstein Company plans to pursue a television “event series” based on Truman Capote’s seminal In Cold Blood. This isn’t the first time the novel has been optioned for television – Anthony Edwards, Eric Roberts and Sam Neill starred in a 1996 CBS miniseries.

The Weinstein project will be produced by Gary Oldman (Bram Stoker’s Dracula) and Douglas Urbanski’s Flying Studios with Kevin Wood penning the script. No official filming start date or eventual air date has been announced.

The In Cold Blood saga has seen its way to the big screen in three incarnations: in 1967 with Robert Blake, in 2005 with Philip Seymour Hoffman as Capote, and in 2006 with Toby Jones playing Capote in Infamous.


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    steve50 7 years ago

    Surprised WC would back this. It’s been done before and could easily be turned into a pro-gun polemic, esp considering the politics of the producer. It will play well in the flyover states, but I doubt it will add anything of value to what we’ve already seen.

    Curious to see who is cast and who is directing.

  2. Avatar
    Al Robinson 7 years ago

    I never saw the 1996 CBS version, I LOVED Bennett Miller’s Capote, and I think this sounds very interesting. I don’t think this is Weinstein’s style, but I’d like to see them tell this story in the way that season 1 of True Detective was. Gritty and dark.

  3. Avatar
    Clarence Moye 7 years ago

    I was actually surprised they’re doing this myself. I don’t (yet) see the angle that would give this story a new and fresh perspective. That will come with the director and cast, I suspect.

    1. Avatar
      Al Robinson 7 years ago

      Clarence, do you know what network this will be on, and what month this will start?

      1. Avatar
        Clarence Moye 7 years ago

        No, I don’t. No details there yet.

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