Welcome Back, ‘Agent Carter’

Agent Carter

Marvel’s “Agent Carter” Blazes a Path for Feminine Heroes

Who knew the arrival of a red hat would garner such excitement?

ABC’s Agent Carter is quite different than everything else in the Marvel canon. Peggy Carter herself doesn’t have a magical hammer nor does she transform into a pea green beast; her main assets are her wit, daring and her intellect. Hayley Atwell’s character is so different than anyone we have on major network television, and she’s so welcome. Peggy Carter kicks ass, and I’m so glad she’s back.

The most refreshing thing about the second season premiere is that Peggy Carter has earned the respect of the majority of the men of Strategic Science Reserve, and her sleuthing doesn’t have to be sneaky. The action is transported to sunny Los Angeles for these 10 episodes, so the production design and costumes are clearly on point. In the 2 hour premiere on Tuesday night, we are reminded what the name Marvel can accomplish. Yes, they can make things go BOOM! and CRASH! but with big budget comes great production value.

The central mystery of the first episode revolves around the Lady of the Lake Killer. A new body has been found in a frozen section of a lake, but it’s the middle of a sweltering heat wave. They soon discover that her body can glow in the dark, and it might be the result of Isodyne Energy’s particle accelerator. Turns out our victim (whose name is Jane Scott and not Jane Doe) was sleeping with Calvin Chadwick, married owner of Isodyne who just happens to be courting a Senate seat. Why, hello, conspiracy.

Along the way, Peggy catches the eye of Jason Wilkes (a hunky Reggie Austin), a scientist at Isodyne, but never fear Carter fans. It doesn’t seem that this is going to turn into a runaway romance (she doesn’t think giving him her number “is necessary” when he asks). Peggy has a job to do, and that’s the most important thing. Familiar elements from the first season are brought back with open arms. Her relationship with Jarvis (James D’Arcy) is quick and fun, and any time Peggy gets a new gadget, her eyes light up with genuine enthusiasm (she is thrilled to receive a new garter belt that doubles as a gun holster).

Marvel’s Agent Carter is exactly something that deserves a bigger audience. It’s a critically acclaimed show that proves that women truly can dish it out no matter what time period or obstacles.  We need more heroes like Peggy Carter.

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